How to Use Excel Contains Formula in WPS Office: Step-by-Step Guide

January 19, 2024 870 views

Need help with the many confusing functions in Excel? The "contains" formula might have caught your eye, but what is it, and how can you use it in WPS Office? Don't worry. We've got you covered! In this easy-to-follow guide, we'll explain what this nifty formula is, why you might want to use it, and give you a step-by-step guide to use Excel containing formula in the WPS office.

What is the “If Cell Contains Formula” in Excel?

In simple terms, the "If Cell Contains Formula" allows you to locate specific text, values, or numbers within a cell. Depending on what it finds, it gives you an output that you define, like "Yes" or "No."

How Does It Work?

Let's say you want to know whether a cell contains the word "apple." You can use a formula like this:

=IF(ISNUMBER(SEARCH("apple," A1)), "Yes," "No")

If the word "apple" is in cell A1, the output will be "Yes." If not, it will be "No." This formula utilizes the IF, SEARCH, and ISNUMBER functions to perform this check.

Variations of the Formula

Excel offers several variations of this formula, allowing you to check for different conditions. Here's what you can do:

Check If A Cell Contains Any Value

It checks if a cell contains any value or text by testing that it is not empty. It will return true if any value is present.

Check If A Cell Contains Specific Text

This variation allows you to test if a cell's contents exactly match a specific text string you define. It checks for an exact case-sensitive match.

Check If A Cell Contains A Number

This formula variation verifies that the cell contains a numeric value rather than text. It will return true if the cell contains a number.

Check If The Cell Contains A Certain Text String

It allows you to search for one particular text string or phrase within a cell. It will return true if the cell contains that exact string.

Check If The Cell Contains Several Strings

This variation lets you check if a cell contains several text strings you specify. It will return true if all strings are present.

Check If A Cell Contains One Of Many Text Strings

It checks if any of the multiple text strings you define is contained within the cell. If any match, it will return true.

Limitations and Solutions

One important thing to note is that the IF function doesn't work with wildcards like "?" and "*." So, you can't use IF alone to look for text that might appear anywhere in a cell. The solution is to combine IF with SEARCH and ISNUMBER, as in the example given earlier.

How to Use Excel “If Cell Contains Formula” in WPS Office?

Example 1: Identifying Non-Blank Cells

If you need to locate cells that contain any value, be it text, number, or date, a simple IF formula can do the trick:

=IF(A2<>", "Not blank," "")

This formula returns "Not blank" if there is any content in the referenced cell.

Example 2: Distinguishing Text from Numbers

To separate cells containing text from those with numbers or dates, WPS Office users can employ the ISTEXT function in conjunction with IF:

=IF(ISTEXT(A2), "Yes", "")

This formula will yield "Yes" if the cell has text.

Example 3: Targeting Numeric Values

Finding cells with numeric values requires the IF and ISNUMBER functions:

=IF(ISNUMBER(A2), "Yes", "")

This formula will return "Yes" if a numeric value is found.

Example 4: Searching for Specific Text

If you're after cells containing a specific word or phrase, you can tailor the formula to that need:

=IF(A2="apples," "Yes," "")

This formula will result in "Yes" if "apples" is found.

Example 5: Case-Sensitive Searches

For case-sensitive searches, the EXACT function is your ally:

=IF(EXACT(A2,"APPLES"), "Yes", "")

It ensures that the search respects letter casing.

Example 6: Partial Matches and Complex Scenarios

Finding specific text strings or characters within cell content may require a combination of IF, SEARCH, and ISNUMBER functions. For instance:


This formula will label cells containing "A-" as "Valid."

Example 7: Searching for Multiple Text Strings

When dealing with multiple search criteria, the IF and OR functions come into play:


This formula returns "Valid" if either "dress" or "skirt" is found.

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1. How Can I Use The "Excel Contains Formula" To Search For Case-Insensitive Values?

You can use the SEARCH function in Excel to perform a case-insensitive search, as it does not differentiate between uppercase and lowercase letters.

2. How Do You Check If A Cell Contains Certain Text?

To check if a cell contains certain text, you can use the SEARCH function, which looks for specific text within a cell without considering letter casing.


The "If Cell Contains" formula is an incredibly useful tool for performing versatile text and value searches in Excel. It allows users to locate specific words, phrases, numbers, or other values within a cell, making it easy to filter, organize, and analyze spreadsheet data. If you cleverly combine the IF function with other supporting functions like SEARCH, ISNUMBER, and EXACT, you can construct powerful formulas tailored to their particular search needs.

WPS Office as the best free option for handling Excel functionality. With its robust features, user-friendly interface, and budget-friendly pricing, WPS Office enables professional-grade productivity tools for users who want the functionality of MS Excel without the cost.

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