How to Use Keynote Presentations Online: A Comprehensive Guide

September 5, 2023 586 views

As remote work and digital collaboration become more prevalent, knowing "How To Use Keynote Online" is no longer optional but necessary. With many needing to learn how to present their ideas on the web, there's a lingering question: how can we seamlessly share Keynote presentations with a global audience? Join us, and discover the best practices and tools to elevate your online presentation game, ensuring your content reaches and resonates with more people than ever.

What Is Keynote And Its Feature?

Keynote is a slideshow presentation software designed and developed by Apple. It gives users the tools to craft visually appealing and effective presentations. It has an intuitive design, and many Apple users favor it for its aesthetic and function.

  • Design Simplicity

A key feature of Keynote is its simplicity in design. This makes it easier for users, whether beginners or experts, to create and organize their presentations without getting bogged down by overly complex tools or configurations.

  • Powerful Crafting Features

When creating a presentation, Keynote is equipped with many powerful features. These features aid in shaping your slides to be as effective and informative as possible, ensuring your message is conveyed clearly.

  • User-Friendly Visual Tools

Keynote promotes an easy-to-navigate user experience with its drag-and-drop functions. That allows users to seamlessly insert, move, and organize elements in their slides, making the creation process more efficient and straightforward.

  • Advanced Animation Options

To elevate your presentation's visual appeal, Keynote offers various animation options. Users can incorporate subtle effects to enhance the flow of their slides or use cinema-quality transitions to captivate their audience.

  • Device Synchronization

In today's connected digital age, switching between devices without losing progress is essential. Keynote supports device synchronization, enabling users to work on their presentation on a Mac and then effortlessly transition to an iPhone or iPad, or vice versa.

  • Diverse Charting Options

To present data understandably and attractively, Keynote provides various charting options. Keynote covers whether you're looking to incorporate column, bar, pie, scatter, or bubble charts. It ensures that your data is not only informative but also visually engaging.

How To Use Keynote Online?

  • Using Keynote Live

Step 1: Using Mac Keynote, open your presentation.

Step 2: Click the Keynote Live button in the toolbar (it resembles a computer icon with two curved lines).

Step 3: Click Continue on the pop-up window to generate an invitation link.

Step 4: Select "Invite Viewers."

Step 5: Choose an invitation method:

  • For emailing the link, select "Mai.".

  • For video conferencing or chat sharing, select "Copy Link" and paste it into the desired platform.

  • If you wish to password-protect the presentation, click "More Options," select "Require password," and set up the password as instructed.

Step 6: Click "Play Now" to share your live presentation.

How To Use Keynote Online

Step 7: Click the Keynote Live icon to end the presentation and choose "Turn Off Keynote Live."

  • Embedding on a Website

Step 1: Open your Keynote presentation.

Step 2: If your presentation is password-protected, remove the password.

Step 3: Click or tap the Collaborate button (the round icon with an outline of a person and a plus sign).

Step 4: (For iPhone or iPad only) Tap Share Options. Skip this step if you are using a Mac.

Step 5: Select "Anyone with the link" from the "Who can access" menu.

Keynote Online For Free

Step 6: Choose "View only" from the "Permissions" menu.

Step 7: Click or tap "Copy Link" to save the presentation link to your clipboard.

Step 8: Embed the presentation link into your website. Use the "Embed" option provided by your website builder.

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How to Download Keynote for Free?

Step 1: Press the "Launchpad" symbol at the bottom-left corner of your screen, which resembles a rocket in a gray circle.

Step 2: Once inside the Launchpad, locate the "App Store" symbol at the top-left. If it's not immediately in view, use the search bar at the top of the Launchpad.

Step 3: Tap on the "App Store" symbol to activate it.

Step 4: Use the search bar at the top of the App Store and enter "Keynote."

Step 5: Scan the results and identify the "Keynote" app, recognized by its logo that appears like a lecture stand.

Step 6: Click on the Keynote app for more detailed information.

Step 7: Initiate the download by pressing the "Download" option.

Step 8: Once the app is fully installed, choose the "Open" option to activate the Keynote application.

Step 9: On opening, you'll be presented with Keynote's welcome message. Opt to "Continue.".

Step 10: Select "Create Presentation" to construct your slide show.

Step 11: Select a design that suits your presentation's theme from the available options.

Best Alternative to Keynote - WPS Office

WPS Office stands out prominently when searching for an impactful alternative to Apple's Keynote. This suite isn't solely about creating presentations; it offers a comprehensive range of features that extends beyond what one might expect.

  • Embracing AI For Enhanced Efficiency

The future of presentations is intelligent, and WPS is at the forefront of this revolution. Integrating WPS AI into its suite ensures users a smarter and more efficient workspace.

  • A Template For Every Occasion

Every presentation has its unique flavor and purpose. Recognizing this, WPS Office boasts a vast template store, giving users free and premium options suitable for various needs and niches.

  • More Than Just Presentations

Diving deeper into WPS Office, you'll find it's more than just about slides. The suite offers various tools tailored to diverse requirements, from resume assistants, smart forms, and screen recording to file repair.

  • Lightweight And Streamlined

For a feature-rich tool, it's surprising how lightweight WPS Office is. At a mere 200MB, it ensures a smooth user experience, even on systems that aren't the latest.

  • Tailored For Mac Users

Often, Mac users find themselves limited by the functionalities of available tools. WPS Office’s Mac version is designed to provide an optimal experience for Mac lovers.

  • Collaboration Beyond Borders

Today's workspace demands real-time collaboration. WPS Office caters to this need with WPS AirPage for online document support and multi-person collaborative editing. Furthermore, it's available on various platforms like Linux, Android, and iOS, making file synchronization a breeze.

  • Compatibility At Its Best

Nothing can be more frustrating than format incompatibility. With WPS Office, users can rest assured that presentations from various sources will remain as intended, without format disruptions.

  • Ease Of Use And Familiarity

Adopting new software can often be daunting. However, with WPS Office’s user-friendly interface, the transition is smooth, allowing users to focus on crafting their perfect presentation.


1. What Is the Difference Between PowerPoint, Pages and Keynote?

PowerPoint and Keynote are presentation tools from Microsoft and Apple, respectively, while Pages, an Apple product, is a word-processing application. Both presentation tools support multimedia, but Pages excel in text-heavy documentation with features like mail merges.

2. Can You Convert Keynote to PowerPoint Online?

Yes, you can convert Keynote to PowerPoint online using online converters. Simply drag a Keynote file into a supporting online converter to process the file for you. After the conversion is complete, you can download the PowerPoint file.

3. Which Is Better, Google Slides or Keynote?

Google Slides is considered better than Keynote in terms of accessibility and price. While both are free, Google Slides offers greater accessibility as it doesn't require users to jump through hoops to use it on Mac or Windows devices.


Apple's Keynote is a renowned slideshow presentation software prized for its intuitive design, powerful crafting capabilities, user-friendly visual tools, advanced animations, and more. As remote work becomes the norm, the ability to share presentations online is essential. Keynote users can effortlessly share their content online through Keynote Live or embed their presentations on a website.

While Keynote is impressive, WPS Office emerges as a formidable alternative. It pioneers the integration of AI for heightened efficiency and offers a vast selection of templates. WPS Office is the way to go for a holistic, efficient, and smooth presentation crafting and sharing experience.

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