How to Use Microsoft Copilot in PowerPoint (The Ultimate Guide)

April 1, 2024 10.9K views

Explore the transformative power of artificial intelligence with Microsoft Copilot in PowerPoint.

This ultimate guide will shed light on how to activate Copilot, revealing its ability to create exceptional presentations. Embrace the future of efficient workflows with Copilot's AI-driven assistance and elevate your PowerPoint experience.

What is Microsoft Copilot


Microsoft Office 365 Copilot is a new feature in Microsoft PowerPoint that was added lately. Copilot is an artificial intelligence-powered assistant that assists users in creating more successful and entertaining presentations using AI. Users may utilize Copilot to acquire picture recommendations, design ideas, and even talking points for their presentations.

How Does Microsoft Copilot Help with PowerPoint?

Microsoft Copilot aids with the creation, formatting, and presentation of PowerPoint presentations based on your subjects or keywords. It may also recommend layouts, photos, icons, and animations to help make your presentations more interesting.

Some of the advantages of Microsoft Copilot for PowerPoint are:

  • It saves you time and effort by producing a first draft of your presentation that includes important material, graphics, and animations.

  • It stimulates your creativity by presenting you with different design options depending on your content and preferences.

  • It improves your presenting abilities by offering comments and thoughts on how to improve it.

For example, you may tell Copilot to "create a black and white image of a bulletin board with sticky notes and post cards in an artistic photography style," and the image will emerge in PowerPoint very immediately.

Example 1

If you are working on a presentation,you want to add slides  that introduce your topic . Just tell Copilot to add a slide of your topic, in this example is “ cost benefit of sustainable material ”. The slide will appear in PowerPoint very instantly.

Example 2

How to Use Microsoft Copilot in PowerPoint (Step-by-Step)

To enable Microsoft Copilot in PowerPoint, you need to follow these steps:

Step 1: Ensure you have a valid Microsoft 365 subscription and the latest version of PowerPoint installed on your device.

Step 2: Open PowerPoint and locate the Copilot icon on the top right corner of the ribbon.

Click on Copilot

Step 3: Click on the Copilot icon to activate the feature and access the Copilot chat box.

Copilot chatbox

Step 4: Enter a brief prompt or outline for your presentation in the Copilot chat box.

Enter prompt

Step 5: Wait for Copilot to generate a first draft of your presentation, complete with relevant content, images, and animations.

Your draft

Best Free Alternative to Microsoft Copilot - WPS AI


WPS AI is a free alternative to Microsoft Copilot that provides similar AI-powered writing, reading, and interaction functions. WPS AI is created by Kingsoft, the same firm that created the renowned WPS Office package. WPS AI works with WPS Office programs including WPS Writer, WPS Presentation, and WPS Spreadsheet, WPS PDF.

Advantages of WPS AI

  • It supports numerous languages, including English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and more

  • It provides a wide range of usage situations, including meeting summaries, event planning, resumes, and more

  • It supports voice interaction for mobile creation, saving time on keyboard input

  • It supports Microsoft Office formats such as docx, pptx, xlsx, and others

Features of WPS AI

  • WPS AI-generated content: Generate professional text content for various scenarios like meeting summaries and resumes

  • WPS AI-based content rewriting: Streamline content and optimize style and tone

  • Insight & Inquiry: Understand PDF documents with summarization, outlining, Q&A, and translation through the Insight & Inquiry icon in WPS PDF app.

  • Voice interaction: Create documents using voice commands on your mobile device with the microphone icon in WPS Office app.

  • Grammar checking: Fix grammatical mistakes in all your documents

How to download WPS AI

To download WPS AI, you need to follow these steps:

Step 1 To download WPS AI, you can visit the WPS AI website:

Step 2 Click on the Free Download button

Click Free download

Step 3 Select the operating system that you are using.

Choose your option

Step 4 The file will be downloaded automatically

Downloaded file

Follow the instructions on the screen to install WPS AI.


What's the difference between ChatGPT and Copilot?

ChatGPT and Copilot are both language models powered by AI, but they serve different purposes. ChatGPT is a conversational AI designed to have interactive conversations with users, while Copilot is integrated into Microsoft 365 apps to assist users in various tasks like writing, summarizing, and generating content.

How does Copilot work in Dynamics 365 and Power Platform?

Copilot in Dynamics 365 and Power Platform leverages its AI capabilities to assist users in creating, editing, and managing documents and presentations. It can help with tasks such as summarizing reports, generating content, and providing insights based on data in these applications.


In this ultimate guide, we explored the transformative power of Microsoft Copilot in PowerPoint, an AI-driven assistant that elevates your presentation experience. From generating captivating decks to adjusting layouts and animations, Copilot empowers you to create exceptional presentations effortlessly.

For those seeking an alternative, WPS AI offers similar AI-powered functionalities, supporting multiple languages and providing voice interaction for added convenience. As you embrace the future of efficient workflows, remember to utilize WPS AI's features in WPS Office programs, revolutionizing your creative and productive processes

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