Microsoft Office 2016 Activator TXT Command [Free Download]

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Microsoft Office 2016 is one of the most popular productivity suites in the world. It includes Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, among others. Activating this suite can cost you a lot of money, but there are several ways you can activate it without having a product key.

In this article, we will show you how to activate Office 2016 using the Office 2016 activator txt command.

Microsoft Office 2016 Activator TXT File - Free Download

A TXT file activator typically uses a text file containing specific commands or instructions to activate software, such as Microsoft Office.

For activating Office 2016, an activator tool is provided in the form of a text file (.txt) containing commands that, when executed, activate Microsoft Office 2016 without the need for a traditional product key or online activation process.

One can activate Office 2016 by downloading a reliable Office 2016 activator txt cmd. To use this method, it is important to carefully follow the given instructions. You can follow the step-by-step guidelines below to help you out:

Step 1: Download an activator in the form of a .txt file from a reliable source.

Downloading a txt file activator

Downloading a txt file activator

You can download the Office 2016 activator txt script for free using this link.’

Step 2: Take the code and transfer it to Notepad, MsWord, Docs, or any other text editor by copying and pasting.

Copying activator txt file

Copying activator txt file

Step 3: Select a filename and add the ".bat" extension at the end to save the file. For example, you can call it “activate.bat” or whatever name you like with the “bat” extension.

Saving the activator txt file

Saving the activator txt file

Step 4: Finally, to run Office 2016 on your PC, you must first open the Command prompt with admin permissions.

To run Office 2016, click on Windows, select “Command prompt”, and click on “Run as administrator”. Now, copy/paste these commands into the command prompt and hit Enter to run them.

Running txt file as an administrator

Running txt file as an administrator

Before using a.txt file activator to activate Office 2016, it is important to consider the following important factors:

1. Some activation methods are considered illegal or unethical and may result in restricted functionality or updates

2. It is best to download scripts or .txt files only from reliable sources like GitHub, to minimize the risk of malware or security threats

3. Some methods of activation may require users to temporarily disable their antivirus software

These and many more factors should be taken into consideration when using the 2016 activator txt command to activate Office 2016.

How to Activate Microsoft Office 2016 with KMS?

KMS can be used to activate a variety of Microsoft products, one of which is Office. If your computer is running Office 2016, you can activate it using KMS.

To activate Office 2016 using KMS cmd, you first need to install the Office 2016 Volume Activation Service on your computer. The following steps will show you how to get the Office 2016 Volume activation service and how to activate Office 2016 using the KMS Host service.

Step 1: Search for “PowerShell” on your PC and open it as an administrator. In the Service Manager, run the following command to install the “Volume Activation Service”:

Installing volume activation service

Installing volume activation service

To check if the Volume activation service has been installed correctly, run the following command:

Checking installation of VAS

Checking installation of VAS

Step 2: Visit Microsoft’s Volume License Key website, log in, and find/copy the Microsoft Office 2016 KMS Host Key.

Microsoft Volume Licensing Service Center

Step 3: Go to the Microsoft Volume Licensing Service Center and download the latest version of the Microsoft Office Volume License Pack.

Downloading Volume license pack

Step 4: To locate the file path, open the command prompt as an administrator and execute the file you are downloading using the following command:

Opening Command prompt as administrator

Step 5: When the installation is complete, you will be prompted to choose between direct activation with the KMS host and activation with active directory-based (ADBA). Choose the direct activation with the KMS host.

After selecting the Activation Type, install the KMS Host Key by opening the command prompt as an administrator, then run the command "slmgr –ipk xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx" and replace the "xxxxx" with the volume license key.

Installing KMS host with Volume license key

If you have completed the above-mentioned steps with the Office 2016 txt KMS activation, then the Microsoft Office 2016 should now be activated on your computer.

Use Office Suite without License - WPS Office

Microsoft Office has dominated the market for decades, with millions of people using it. However, with the growth of cloud-based solutions and the growing need for cost-effective alternatives, WPS Office stands out as the best free alternative to Microsoft Office.

WPS Office offers four main features: writer, spreadsheet, presentation, and PDF. Of these, Writer, spreadsheet, and presentation are all free to use, with no ads or registration fees.

PDF is a PDF editor that is free for some features (reading, annotation, and converting) and charges for more advanced features (editing and scanning). Even though it is charged, WPS Office costs $29 per year, which is much cheaper than most of the PDF editor products available on the market.

Benefits of Using WPS Office

1. Free Alternative to Microsoft Office:

If you are looking for a free alternative to Microsoft Office, then you should consider using WPS Office. Microsoft Office comes with a subscription fee, which can be a financial burden for many people. WPS Office, on the other hand, is one of the best and most popular free alternatives to Microsoft Office.

You can use WPS Office to create, modify, and save your files in Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft PowerPoint. You can use WPS Writer to create and edit your documents, or you can use WPS PowerPoint to create and save your spreadsheets and presentations.

When compared to Microsoft Office, WPS PowerPoint includes WPS PDF for making and editing PDF files, which adds to the functionality of Microsoft Office.

Microsoft Volume Licensing Service Center

Microsoft Volume Licensing Service Center

2. Available across many platforms:

WPS Office is cross-platform accessible, so you can use it on any device. It can be used on Mac OS, Windows OS, Android OS, iOS OS, and Linux OS. Microsoft Office was unable to provide services to Linux users, but WPS Office can be used on Linux systems. WPS Office on Mac is also better than Microsoft Office in terms of service.

WPS Office products

WPS Office products

3. Advanced Templates

WPS Office provides professionally designed templates. These templates are integrated into the software, so they are easy to access. WPS Office offers free and paid templates, so you can easily satisfy your various needs.

You can use WPS templates for Word documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. There are multiple types and themes of WPS Office, so you can find the one that suits your needs. You can use templates for resumes, invites, study plans, company profiles, etc.

WPS Office Compatibility

WPS Office Compatibility

WPS Office- Free All-in-One Office Suite
  • Use Word, Excel, and PPT for FREE, No Ads.

  • Edit PDF files with the powerful PDF toolkit.

  • Microsoft-like interface. Easy to learn. 100% Compatibility.

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  • What happens if Office 2016 is not activated?

Without activating your Office 2016 after the 30-day trial period, you’ll lose access to most of the features of Microsoft Office. For instance, you won’t be able to copy and paste documents, edit them, save them, or print them. Some versions may also show you prompts to activate or buy a license.

  • Does a Microsoft Product Key expire after some time?

No, a Microsoft Office product key does not expire after some time. Once you have a valid product key, you can use it to activate and use the corresponding Microsoft Office software indefinitely. However, it's important to note that product keys are intended for a single user or device, and they should not be shared or used in violation of Microsoft's licensing terms.


The Office 2016 TXT activator txt for Microsoft Office 2016 is a simple solution to your software activation problems, offering users a straightforward solution to activating Office software. However, it is important to be aware of the risks associated with the use of these tools and to ensure that their use is in line with legal and moral standards.

We recommend WPS Office as a more cost-effective and efficient alternative to Microsoft Office. It offers a wide variety of tools and compatibility across various devices and platforms.

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