Microsoft Office 2019 Activator TXT Command (A Step-by-Step Guide)

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Microsoft Office is vital in many professional settings, allowing users to work and collaborate more effectively. However, the complexity of activating the software can sometimes be overwhelming, especially if you’re new to command-line interfaces. In this guide, we will explain the Office 2019 activator TXT command method in a way that’s easy for beginners and experienced IT professionals.

Microsoft Office 2019 Activator TXT File - Free Download

A Txt file activator is an easy-to-use tool or method for activating software. It usually requires you to create or use a file (.txt) with specific activation commands. The activation commands are executed through the command-line interface to start the activation process for your software.

This method is popular because it’s simple and easy to use. You don’t need complex installation processes or specialized software to activate your software. To use the 2019 activator txt cmd in activating your Microsoft Office, all you need to do is install it on your computer, open the software, and follow the prompts provided. You can download the office 2019 activator txt command using this link.

However, we remind you that you need to buy a genuine MS Office 2019 copy to get the best and safest experience. Please note that this MS Office 2019 Activator cmd is strictly for educational purposes and is not intended to be used for commercial purposes or any illegal activities.

How to Use KMS Activation for Microsoft Office 2019

Key Management Service (KMS) is a popular networked environment tool that many organizations use to manage their Microsoft Office products. KMS allows organizations to manage multiple Office installations without having to use individual product keys.

To activate Office on the KMS server, you first need to install Microsoft Office on your computer. There are several ways to download Microsoft Office, but the most popular method is to download Office from Microsoft's website. You can download the Microsoft Office 2019 from Microsoft's official website.

Once you’ve navigated through the download process, and you’ve got Office installed on your PC, you’ll need to get your KMS Host Key, which is what you’ll use to configure your KMS server. You’ll also need your KMS Key to activate your Office product.

The KMS Host Key can be obtained from Microsoft’s Volume Licensing representative, or directly from the Microsoft website’s Volume License Service Center.

Follow the step-by-step guidelines below to use the Office 2019 activator KMS.

Step 1: Set up the KMS Host server

After downloading your KMS key the next step is to configure the host server. Configuring the host server is quite complicated, especially for beginners. Follow the steps carefully to avoid any errors.

1. Select a Windows server and use it as your KMS Host. The Windows server is a dedicated server for this purpose.

2. Execute the KMS host key on your server by running the following command, and replace your KMS-host-key with the actual KMS host key.

Using the KMS host key

Using the KMS host key

Next, use the command below to activate the KMS host key. This uses Microsoft servers to activate your KMS host.

Activating KMS Host

Activating KMS Host

Step 2: KMS Host Configuration

The next step after setting up your KMS host is to set it up for Office. To set up your KMS Host for Office activation, use the following command:

In the command above, replace the section “your-kms-server-name-or-ip” with the IP address or hostname of your KMS host server.

Step 3: Open the command prompt in administrator mode

Finally, to activate Office 2019  on yourComputer, first, you need to open the command prompt with admin rights. To do this, click on the Windows button, select "command prompt", then click on "run as administrator". Just copy/paste the commands and do not forget to hit Enter to execute them.

Executing KMS Command Prompts

Executing KMS Command Prompts

If you followed the steps above with the Office 2019 activator txt kms carefully, then the Microsoft Office 2019 should be activated on your computer. Remember to keep the KMS host server activated in case you ever need to activate an Office client at a future time.

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1. How do I reset my Office Activation?

One of the most effective ways of resetting Office activation is by using the Microsoft Support and Recovery Assistant

The Assistant automates the entire process of resetting Office activation. There are two versions of the Assistant. Use the one that best suits your needs.

1. Enterprise (Command Line) Version

The Enterprise command line version of the assistant is a command line version that you can write to. It is recommended for resetting Office activation on more than one device and on devices you can’t access right away.

2. UI (User Interface) Version

The user interface version of the assistant can be used if you want to reset office activation on just one device or on a few individual devices.

You can download any of these versions of Microsoft’s official website.

2. How Do I Check My Office 2019 Activation Status?

To see the Microsoft 365 Apps activation status, you can use the vnext diagnostic.ps1 script. To use vnext diagnostics.ps1, open a Windows script prompt and go to the Microsoft Office\Office16 C:\Program Files folder. Then, type the following command:

Command to check activation status

Command to check activation status


In this comprehensive guide, we’ve gone over how to activate your Microsoft Office 2019 using Office 2019 activator TXT command. Now you should be able to use KMS activation too.

Following the steps provided will help you with software activation, ensuring that you follow licensing agreements correctly. However, if you're seeking a more versatile software for Office apps, you should check out WPS Office. WPS Office offers a wide variety of office tools free of charge for its users.

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