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August 21, 2023 1.8K views

In the diverse world of Office work, templates have become essential. Whether you use Word, Excel, or PPT, there's a template for your needs. But creating professional-looking documents from scratch? That's a daunting task.

So, where can you find free, versatile template sites compatible with Microsoft Office? This article is the answer.

Dive in to discover a treasure trove of free template websites ready to streamline your work in 2023.

Best 10 Free Microsoft Office Templates for 2023

From professional presentations to detailed spreadsheets, here are the top 10 free Microsoft Office templates for 2023. These game-changers will help you create visually appealing and effective documents in no time. Get ready to elevate your Office work and discover the power of pre-designed perfection!

1.Simple Blue Resume - Word

Crafting a resume that stands out can be a daunting task. This is one of the most useful Microsoft office resume templates which saves you time while ensuring your skills are showcased in an elegant and professional format.

  • A clean and neat layout that highlights your experience and qualifications.

  • Easily customizable for your unique professional journey.

  • Soft blue accents provide a modern, sophisticated look.

2.Simple Delivery Order - Excel

Managing deliveries efficiently is crucial for any business. The Simple Delivery Order template helps maintain orderliness and guarantees no shipment goes unnoticed.

  • Organized columns for comprehensive order tracking.

  • Customizable fields to match your business requirements.

  • Streamlined design for easy readability and usage.

3.Purchase Request Form For Items - Excel

Purchase requests are integral to a company's operations. This template ensures your requisitions are recorded accurately and professionally.

  • Detailed sections to list all items and their specifications.

  • Adjustable cells to fit varying item descriptions.

  • A clean and organized format for easy tracking and referencing.

4.Year-end Summary Dash - Powerpoint

Consolidating a year's work can be overwhelming. This template simplifies the task and presents your accomplishments engagingly.

  • Elegant design to display your data effectively.

  • User-friendly slide layouts for easy customization.

  • Concise and crisp visuals to hold your audience's attention.

5.Personal Work Plan - Word

Organizing your tasks and goals enhances productivity. The Personal Work Plan template helps bring order to your work life.

  • Clearly defined sections for listing tasks, deadlines, and progress.

  • Flexible design to adapt to your work style.

  • Minimalistic design for clarity and focus.

6.Fresh Blue Business Card - Word

A well-designed business card leaves a lasting impression. The Fresh Blue Business Card template provides a modern and sophisticated look.

  • Unique design elements to make your card stand out.

  • Customizable text fields for your professional details.

  • Aesthetically pleasing blue hues for a contemporary edge.

7.Creative Chinese Wind Business Card - Word

A distinctive business card can set you apart. The Creative Chinese Wind Business Card template adds an artistic flair to your professional identity.

  • Traditional Chinese motifs for a unique touch.

  • Editable text fields for your contact details.

  • Vibrant colors for a standout look.

8.2023 Simple Calendar with Useful Chart - Excel

Calendars are vital for planning and tracking progress. This template combines the functionality of a calendar with useful charts.

  • Integrated charts for tracking tasks or goals.

  • Editable dates and events to suit your schedule.

  • A clean layout for easy viewing and updating.

9.2023 Green Calendar With Time Table - Excel

Balancing tasks throughout the day requires meticulous planning. This calendar template offers a timetabled feature to manage your time effectively.

  • Daily timetable to allocate time slots for tasks.

  • Customizable date and event fields to match your schedule.

  • Green-themed design for a fresh and organized look.

10.White and Green Minimalist Annual Summary - Powerpoint

Presenting your annual summary in a minimalist way focuses on the content. This template provides an uncluttered, professional design.

  • Minimalistic design for an uncluttered visual appeal.

  • Simple yet effective slide layouts for easy customization.

  • The white and green color scheme for a clean and fresh presentation.

How to Use Office Templates Suitable for Microsoft Office?

Navigating the use of templates can sometimes be as challenging as creating your documents from scratch. Whether you're new to the Office suite or a seasoned user looking to optimize your workflow, this section is your guide.

How to Use Free and Built-in Microsoft Templates?

  1. Open Microsoft Office:
    Kick-start your task by launching the Microsoft Office application you're working on—be it Word, Excel, or PowerPoint.

  2. New Document:
    Once you're in, click on 'File' and select 'New'. This opens up a world of templates for you to explore.

  3. Choose a Template:
    Now, it's time to pick your tool. You'll see a mix of free and premium templates. Browse through them, or use the search bar to find something specific.

  4. Preview and Select:
    Found a template that catches your eye? Click on it for a preview. If it fits your needs, hit 'Create' or 'Download', depending on the application.

  5. Customize:
    The template is now yours to tweak! Fill in your information, change colors, and add images—the possibilities are endless. Remember, the template is a foundation for you to build on.

  6. Save Your Work:
    When you're happy with the result, don't forget to save your work. Go to 'File', then 'Save As', and choose your preferred location.

And voila! You're now a pro at using Microsoft Office templates. So, why wait? Start exploring and make your work shine!



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How to Use the Template of WPS Office Template Mall?

Ready to simplify your work with WPS Office Template Mall? This step-by-step guide is your key to unlocking a world of professionally designed templates, tailored to suit every requirement. Let's dive in and explore how to effortlessly apply these templates to your documents.

  1. Launch WPS Office:
    Start your journey by opening the WPS Office application. You'll notice a '+' symbol on the top tab bar—go ahead and click on it.

  2. Select File Type:
    Next, choose the file type that suits your task. For this instance, we'll use 'Document' in WPS Writer as an example. But don't worry, the process is similar for WPS Presentation and WPS Spreadsheet.

  3. Search for Templates:
    Now comes the exciting part—finding your perfect template! Type in the template keywords you're looking for in the search box and let the search magic happen.

  4. Apply Template:
    Once you've spotted the template that meets your needs, click on 'Use Now'. And there you go! The template is now applied to your document.

Dive into the world of WPS Office templates and discover how they can make your work easier and more professional.

How to Use the Template of WPS Office Template Mall?

Are you looking to give your WPS presentation a professional touch? Using microsoft office powerpoint templates can elevate your content, making it engaging and well-structured. Here are two effective methods to apply PPT templates in WPS:

Import Template from PC Method:

  1. Launch WPS:
    Kick-start the process by opening WPS. Head over to the blank presentation where you wish to apply your PPT template.

  2. Design Option:
    Once you've opened the blank presentation, look for the 'Design' option and click on it.

  3. Import Template:
    After clicking 'Design', navigate to 'Import Template' and select it.

  4. Apply Design Template:
    Selecting 'Import Template' will enable the 'Apply Design Template' option. Click on it, choose a template from your PC, and then hit 'Open'.

  5. Customize:
    Once you've clicked 'Open', the chosen template is ready to be personalized with your content.

Internal Template Method:

  1. Open WPS:
    Begin by launching WPS and head to the blank presentation where you want to apply the PPT template.

  2. Design Option:
    With the blank presentation open, navigate to the 'Design' option.

  3. Choose Template:
    Under 'Design', a selection of templates will be displayed. Simply click on the 'Option Window' and select the best suitable template.

  4. Apply Template:
    Clicking on your desired template will instantly apply it to your blank presentation. You're now ready to start crafting your presentation!

How to Edit and Customize Microsoft Templates? (Add your Own Pictures and Logo)

Unleash the power of customization with Microsoft Word templates! This guide will show you how to personalize your templates, replacing stock images with your own, or even adding new ones like your company logo.

Follow these streamlined steps:

  1. Launch Word:
    Open Microsoft Word from your Start menu on Windows or from the Applications folder or Launchpad on a Mac.

  2. Choose a Template:
    Pick a template from the variety available in Word's main window that aligns with your document type.

  3. Select Image:
    Click on the image you wish to replace. If you can't select it, it may be a background image. To change it, go to Insert > Header > Edit Header.

  4. Replace or Insert Image:
    For replacing an existing image, select the image, go to the Format tab, and click Change Picture. For inserting a new one, go to Insert > Pictures.

  5. Import Image:
    Navigate to your desired image file and double-click to import it, replacing the old image.

  6. Customize Image:
    Move or resize your image by dragging it or its corners. Adjust text wrap settings under the Format > Wrap Text tab.

  7. Save Your Work:
    Go to File > Save As, choose a location, name your file, and click Save. You're all set!

By following these steps, you can easily modify your Word templates to reflect your unique style or branding.

How to Create a Microsoft Template from Scratch?

Templates can speed up your workflow, but sometimes, you need something more tailored to your needs. Let's discover how you can create a custom Microsoft Office template from scratch.

1. Saving your Template:

  • Navigate to 'File'

  • Select 'Save As'

  • Double-click on 'Computer' (or 'This PC' in Office 2016)

  • Give your template a name in the 'File name' box

  • Choose 'Template' in the 'Save as type' list (for instance, 'Word Template' in Word).

If your document contains macros, select 'Word Macro-Enabled Template'. Your file will automatically save in the 'Custom Office Templates' folder.

2. Editing your Template:
To modify your template, open the file, make the desired changes, and save the template. You can do this by:

  • Clicking 'File'

  • Then 'Open'.

  • Double-click on 'Computer' or 'This PC'

  • Navigate to the 'Custom Office Templates' folder under 'My Documents'

  • Open your template make the necessary edits, and save and close the template.

3. Using your Template:
To create a new document using your template, click 'File', then 'New', followed by 'Custom'. Click on your template to open a new document with your predefined settings.

With these steps, you're all set to create, save, edit, and use your custom Microsoft template whenever you need it.

Free Template Store Recommendations

Explore a myriad of design possibilities with the built-in templates from WPS Template Store ( and WPS Office software. From captivating presentations to professional business documents, these free resources can transform your work.

Advantages of WPS Templates

WPS templates are a treasure trove for all your documentation needs, offering several advantages:

  1. Diverse Range: With a wide variety of templates, you can find the perfect fit for any document, presentation, or spreadsheet. Whether you're drafting a business proposal or designing an annual report, there's a template for you.

  2. Free Access: New to WPS? Here's some good news! Download WPS for the first time and receive membership, unlocking all templates for free. It's an unmatched bargain that lets you create stunning, professional-quality documents without spending a dime.

With WPS Templates, you get the advantage of quality, diversity, and cost-effectiveness all bundled into one powerful tool.

How to Download Templates from the WPS Theme Store?

Whether you're creating a business report, a sales presentation, or a personal budget plan, WPS Theme Store has a multitude of templates to choose from. Here's a straightforward guide to help you navigate the process:

1. Visit WPS Theme Store.

2. Sign in to your Account

3. Sign in (or Sign Up) with Google Or your Email.

4. Search for the template you want from the Search Bar.

5. Open the Template your want to download

6. Click Download.

7. The download will start automatically!

Remember, WPS Office doesn't just offer Word templates. You'll also find a vast array of PowerPoint and Excel templates. Don't hesitate to explore and make the most of the resources available in WPS Templates.


This article serves as a comprehensive guide on how to effectively use Microsoft Office templates and the plethora of free templates available at WPS Template Store.

Whether you're microsoft office templates for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or seeking a unique design for a business card or calendar, WPS offers a wide range of professionally designed templates.

The guide walks you through the process of downloading, customizing, and even creating your own templates from scratch. With the flexibility of WPS templates, creating polished, professional-looking documents has never been easier.

Discover the world of WPS Office templates, and enhance your productivity today!

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