Free Wedding Card Design Templates

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Weddings are a great day for everyone, especially when it comes to an Indian wedding. In India, a wedding seems to be the relationship between two families. To shower blessings on the bride and the groom, a number of people are invited to attend this auspicious occasion. Due to the cultural and religious belief that Indians have, they spend a huge amount to make it a grand ceremony. Among them, a wedding invitation card just like peeling the first of an onion. There are a number of wedding card designs available online.

Wedding cards these days have become more innovative. These wedding card designs are available in a variety of design, color, sizes, font, etc. unique elements. People like to do selections from the amazing variety of these wedding cards, such as, DIY, box cards, multiple folds, pop-up cards, gaming inspiration, comic illustrations, etc. You can find various unique wedding card designs on WPS Office. A huge number of templates are available on WPS for all types of wedding.

Let’s unwind a few more details about wedding invitation card design.

Why Is Wedding Card Important

An individual, group, or mass are warmly welcomed to attend a specific event or occasion by use of an invitation card. An expression of thanks and a sense of community with a specific person, group, or mass can be expressed through invitation cards. They are printed sheets or documents that contain words that express the value the guest has for the host and serve to almost convince or excite the guest to attend a specific event or occasion.

Depending on the style the customer wants, invitation cards come in a variety of designs and are produced for a variety of occasions and events. The better the perception of an occasion these cards tend to convey to its visitors, the more enticing they are.

What Should You Mention in Indian Wedding Card

There are a number of things that must be included when you design an Indian wedding card. Although India has diversified into various religions, when it comes to the design of wedding cards, it is nearly the same for all the religions. Let’s see the things what you can mention when you design Indian wedding card.

1. Inclusion of Religious Quotes and Verses

As we have seen, all Indian wedding cards start with some religious quotes or verses which are referred to as ‘shlokas’. Be it a wedding of any religion, these religious quotes are present on the top of the wedding card. It is commonly considered as a good way to start the invitation for the ceremony with the blessing of the god.

Indians do believe that adding a religious verse at the start of the invitation card makes the whole event auspicious and sacred. In Hindu culture, the first card of the wedding is offered to the God and then to the relatives.

2. Wedding Day, Date & Time

The wedding day should always come first on any official invitations, followed by the wedding or wedding-related event’s date. Each wedding-related event’s date should be mentioned separately and clearly. Even if the wedding is very soon away, make sure to add the year; don’t assume that your guests will already know.

Don’t forget to provide the event’s exact start and end times; you are free to use am or pm here. The local time of the wedding location must be stated, followed by the acronym for the time zone, in the case of a destination wedding in a different time zone.

3. Names of Bride & Groom

The name of the bride and groom must mention things in the wedding card. Like obviously, when you are talking about the wedding of the two persons you must have to include their name in the card. The right way to mention the name on the card is to mention the name of the person to whom that wedding card belongs.

If the wedding card belongs to the bride’s side, then the name of the bride should be mentioned first followed by the Groom’s name and if the wedding card belongs to the groom's side, then it should be vice-versa. You can use the words like with or weds as an adjective for their name. Like, ‘ABC with XYZ’ or ‘ABC weds XYZ’.

4. Parents & Grandparents Name

Whenever we receive an invitation card for any event or occasion, we always witness the name of the host on that card. Traditionally, in India, every wedding is hosted by the parents of the bride and groom, so the name of parents is considered on the wedding card. The name of both bride and groom should be followed by their parents’ and grandparents’ names.

In Indian culture, it is a widely accepted norm to add the name of the parents and grandparents in the wedding card design. While mentioning the name of the parents, it is essential to use the correct salutation and suffixes. In Hindu culture, the prefix ‘Shri’ is used before the name of the father and ‘Smt’ is used before the name of the mother. Moreover, the name is followed by the suffix ‘Ji’ too.

5. Warm Requests

The significance of the guests’ appearance at the wedding is conveyed in an asking manner when they are invited. The text of Indian wedding cards uses phrases like “cordially”, “pleasantly”, and others. On the card, there is also a separate statement of a special request made by close relatives and siblings.

In fact, you would undoubtedly want the guests to attend the ceremony if you invited them to be a part of your unique celebration. You can include a specific section in which you invite them to take part in the memorable occasion.

    Please give this occasion your honor.

    We will be happy to celebrate this special event with you.

6. Detailed Address of the Venue

The precise address of the wedding venue is included in the text of Indian wedding invitations. There is a list of all the main tasks, along with a thorough description of the allotted time. These facts are often provided in strong type to make them stand out. Along with landmarks and contact information, addresses also include street names.

You can exclude the postal codes from your description of the ceremony’s precise location and any relevant landmarks. An additional choice is to print a map on the back of the flier.

7. Information Line

Inviting your nearest and dearest ones to your primary event is the focus of this section. Here, you have the opportunity to be creative and extend a sincere welcome to your visitors.

You can also mention various other information on the wedding card, like, pre and post wedding ceremonies, dress code, etc. It’s best to have separate entries in the invitation if you are organizing pre-wedding events like a mehandi or sangeet. But you don’t have to adhere to this wedding invitation wording standards; simply be a little more informal. The event’s name, the time, the place, and the dress code should only be written on the top. While it’s polite to maintain a formal style for the official wedding ceremony, pre-wedding events provide couples the opportunity to employ humorous expressions or rhymes in keeping with their wedding theme or their personalities as a pair.

Even though wearing traditional Indian attire is customary for weddings, if the event is a multicultural celebration, you may want to mention clothing standards in your wedding invitation wording. The same holds true for a themed event. Always be sure to let your guests know what colors and attire are acceptable. For destination weddings, it is especially important to mention the dress code or mention the climate of the location.

8. Use of Golden & Red Colour

To make them stand out against any background, the words are written in red and golden script. Considering it unlucky, black ink is shunned in many civilizations.

When you design Indian wedding card wordings, you know that they are distinctive from those used in other civilizations, which distinguishes them from those cards.

Why to Choose a Wedding Card Design From WPS Office

When planning a wedding, the tools that give you options without increasing your expenses or stress are the most helpful. Wedding invitation production is a simple procedure made possible by WPS Office, giving you control over the final product. You may relax and enjoy the planning process more by using our simple, straightforward tools that save you time and effort. The best part is that you can use the WPS Office wedding card templates absolutely free.

To get your creativity level flowing, go through professionally created templates or start from scratch while making your wedding invitation. To make your designs feel completely real, create a theme and incorporate images, icons, logos, customized fonts, and other editable elements into it. You can quickly create, save, and share designs using WPS Office for free.

5 Best Unique Wedding Card Designs

A wedding card design that you can use as an invitation template is one that you can send to someone. The couple’s approach for making everyone feel truly welcome at the ceremony is to provide each visitor with a lovely wedding invitation card. It is a representation of your ceremony in visual form. Therefore, the layout of your wedding program should reflect your personality and appropriately represent your special day.

Using a professional designer to create a wedding invitation card design is rather expensive. But you don’t want to get married without a card with a lovely design. You are no longer required to consider designer costs in any way. This is made simple for you by the WPS wedding program template Word free. You can edit your wedding card by downloading your preferred template.

The top 5 free templates for your wedding card design are as follows:

1. Flower Wedding Invitation Card

This classy wedding card design is ideal for a formal wedding celebration. It has a sophisticated appearance because of the dark brown color scheme, and the orange flowers give it a soft femininity. You can use this template as it is or make changes to suit your requirements. Think about using it for events like weddings and receptions, among other things.

2. Green Floral Wedding Invitation

A lovely invitation card will enable you to highlight your uniqueness on your wedding day, which is the day of your love story. This elegant free wedding invitation card design template is available online and can be downloaded with just one click.

3. Blue Wedding Invitation Card

When creating your wedding invitation card design, colors are important and should be carefully considered. This is a lovely design template for blue wedding invitations. It is a simple-looking and easy to use template for creating a wedding card.

4. Red Wedding Invitation

This red wedding invitation card design template is a great option if you are producing your own wedding invitation cards. Warmth, pleasantness, honesty, and earthiness are all conveyed by the hue brown. Red and yellow are the best colors which you can use for designing an Indian wedding card.

5. Yellow Wedding Invitation Card

Although there are no set guidelines for the usage of colors in a wedding card design, yellow and floral prints go great together. This wedding invitation design looks gorgeous because of these lovely colors. These templates look classy and are unique wedding card designs which you can use.

You can invite as many guests as you want by sending your preferred wedding card. As a result, the WPS downloadable wedding card design template can be designed and written to suit each couple’s particular tastes. The WPS office includes thousands of free templates that you can use directly and download without difficulty. Download WPS Office that provides Word Writer, Excel Spreadsheet, and PowerPoint Presentation, so you no longer need a separate application or piece of software to construct your preferred wedding cards.

To get more tutorials on WPS templates, we recommend you to visit WPS Academy to know how to download and design a template.

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