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With the increase in population, the need for employment, education, food, and safety has increased too. When a child is born in this world, they are registered in the national government system to give that child the nationality of the country in which they are born. When a kid enters the school, an ID card is given for the identification of the kid at the school. Later, a national ID card is provided when the kid reaches adulthood. Similarly, companies also give ID cards to their employees. Considering that, the WPS software has made an ID card template that could be useful in designing an ID card of a similar design for all the students and employees.

Designing something from scratch is not an easy task. One has to face several difficulties on the road to designing. It requires many skills to become a designer, out of which creativity is the most important. But, don't worry if you are unaware of these skills because the WPS has made designing easy for you. Now, you can design anything without needing graphic designers using the WPS software. This software has a collection of templates for everything, which includes the collection for an ID card template. When you use an ID card template, you swipe all the stress off of your shoulders.

What is an ID Card Template?

An ID card is derived from the initials of an Identification Card. An ID card could be of different types, such as a national ID card which every country gives to its residents, a student ID card which is given by the school to its students, an employee ID card which is provided by the company to its employees. All the national and multi-national institutes give their employees for identification purposes. The purpose of an ID card is to identify that the person is a part of that organization. It includes all the personal information of that person, and in some cases, ID cards also include a picture of the ID card holder.

An ID card template is a framework that performs a duty of assistance to its user. It gives its user a set of pre-designed patterns which can be edited easily by the user to make changes according to the need. With the help of an ID card template, you can create an ID card in minutes rather than hours and days. All the designing is done already, you just make amendments according to your institute, and you have your ID card designed for the whole list of employees. Now, on new hiring, you don't have to worry about designing an ID card again. Just put in the details of the new employee in the same template that you have used, and your job is done.

What are the Different Types of ID Cards?

ID cards come in various types, each serving specific purposes and tailored to different industries and organisations. Here are some common types of ID cards:

Employee ID Cards: These cards are issued to employees within an organisation and typically include the employee's name, photo, job title, and sometimes a barcode or magnetic strip for access control.

This is the best sample of Employee Id Cards! You can download this type of design from online directly.

Student ID Cards: Issued by educational institutions, student ID cards serve as proof of enrollment and provide access to campus facilities, library services, and student discounts.

Government ID Cards: Governments issue identification cards, such as driver's licences or national ID cards, to verify a person's identity and grant them various privileges and rights.

Event ID Cards: Temporary ID cards are often provided at events, conferences, or trade shows to grant access and differentiate attendees, staff, and VIPs.

Membership ID Cards: These cards are issued by clubs, gyms, or organisations to their members, providing exclusive benefits and privileges.

Access Control Cards: Used for physical security, access control templates for id cards grant authorised individuals access to restricted areas within a building or facility.

Healthcare ID Cards: Healthcare facilities issue ID cards to patients, enabling smooth identification and access to medical services.

Visitor ID Badges: Temporary ID badges are given to visitors to easily identify them within a facility and ensure their safety and security.

Each type of ID card serves a specific purpose, contributing to efficient identification, access control, and overall security within their respective domains.

What is the ID Card Used For?

ID cards serve a variety of purposes in different settings, including:

Identification: The primary purpose of an ID card is to identify the holder. The card typically contains essential information such as the person's name, photograph, and other pertinent details.

Access Control: ID cards can also serve as access control devices, granting or denying entry to specific areas of a facility.

Payment: Some ID cards, such as credit cards or debit cards, can be used to make payments for goods and services.

Tracking: ID cards can be used to track attendance and timekeeping, ensuring that employees or students are present during designated times.

Id card denotes your complete information! During any emergency people can easily identify your details through your id card!

Privileges: Some ID cards provide specific privileges, such as discounts or special access to facilities or services.

Overall, ID cards serve as a means to verify a person's identity, grant access, and enhance security measures. They are widely used in various settings, including educational institutions, corporate offices, government organisations, and events.

How to Make an ID Card?

Creating templates for id cards involves a few key steps. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to make an ID card:

Step 1 Determine the Design and Information: Decide on the design elements and information to include on the ID card. Consider details such as the person's name, photograph, job title, and any necessary logos or branding. If you choose a WPS template then you can easily make it.

Download this template from WPS template store and edit logo, image, ID card details and start using it!

Step 2 Choose Design Software: Select a design software that suits your needs and skill level. Popular options include Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, or Microsoft Word.

Choose WPS template gallery section and choose the best type of id card as per your need!

Step 3 Set Card Dimensions: Determine the dimensions of the ID card, typically following standard sizing guidelines. Common dimensions are 3.375 inches by 2.125 inches (85.6 mm by 54 mm), which is the size of a standard credit card.

Determine the card dimension and put all the information you need!

Step 4 Design the Card: Use the chosen design software to create the ID card template. Incorporate the desired design elements, such as text, images, and background colours. Ensure that the layout is organised and visually appealing.

you need to choose a design, layout, colour and make a template properly.

Step 5 Add Personalized Information: Insert the individual's details onto the ID card template. This includes their name, photograph, job title, and any other required information.

Put all the information and insert it in the template.

Step 6 Customise Security Features: Enhance the security of the ID card by including features like holograms, barcodes, or QR codes. These features can help prevent counterfeiting and improve the card's authenticity.

Step 7 Review and Edit: Double-check the ID card design for any errors or inconsistencies. Ensure that all the information is accurate and properly aligned.

Step 8 Print the ID Card: Once satisfied with the design, print the ID card template on suitable cardstock or PVC cards. Ensure that the printing quality is crisp and professional.

You will review the final edited ID card details and once done then go for the print and make id within few days!

Step 9 Laminate or Protect the Card: To increase durability, consider laminating the printed ID card or using protective cardholders. This will help protect the card from wear and tear.

Step 10 Distribute the ID Cards: Finally, distribute the ID cards to the intended recipients, whether it be employees, students, or members. Ensure that the cards are properly distributed and activated, if necessary.

By following these steps, you can create personalised ID cards tailored to your specific needs. Remember to consider security features, printing quality, and accurate information to ensure the cards are functional, visually appealing, and reliable.

Different Types of ID Business Card Templates

1、Blank Student Green ID Card Template

A blank student ID card template provides a customizable framework for creating student identification cards, allowing for the inclusion of essential details and customization based on specific requirements.

This id card is the best for students. Download from the WPS template store and start editing at free of cost!

2、Restaurant Identity Card Blue Template

A restaurant identity card template provides a pre-designed format for creating identification cards specific to restaurant staff, with customizable fields for names, roles, and branding elements.

3、Hospital ID Card Template

A hospital ID card template offers a pre-designed layout for creating identification cards for healthcare personnel, patients, or visitors, with customizable sections for personal information, medical facility branding, and security features.

4、Student ID Card Template

A student ID card template provides a pre-designed format for creating identification cards for students, allowing for customization of details like name, photo, school logo, and other relevant information.

This is another best format and for school students this type of template is the best one.

5、 Employee ID Card

An employee ID card serves as a personalised identification document for employees within an organisation, displaying their name, photo, job title, and often includes access control features for enhanced security.

6、University Student ID Card Template

A university student ID card template offers a pre-designed layout for creating identification cards specifically for university students, allowing customization of details like name, photo, student ID number, and university branding. There are also id card template for publisher.

ID card template selection

The WPS Template Store offers a vast collection of free templates for various purposes, including ID cards. Here are some reasons why choosing a free template from the WPS Template Store can be beneficial:

Time-Saving: Free templates provide a pre-designed format that eliminates the need to start from scratch, saving time and effort.

Cost-Effective: Using a free template is cost-effective, as it eliminates the need to hire a graphic designer or purchase expensive design software.

Customizable: Free templates are customizable, allowing users to adjust the design elements to fit their specific requirements.

Variety: The WPS Template Store offers a diverse range of templates, providing options for different purposes and styles.

Professional-Quality: Templates in the WPS Template Store are professionally designed, ensuring that the end product is polished and visually appealing.

Easy to Use: The WPS Template Store offers user-friendly templates that are easy to use, even for those with limited design experience.

Updates: The WPS Template Store regularly updates its collection, ensuring that users have access to the latest design trends and technologies.

Overall, the WPS Template Store offers a convenient and affordable solution for creating ID cards, providing a variety of options that are customizable, professional-quality, and easy to use.

How to Use the WPS Template?

Using the WPS Template platform is a straightforward process. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use WPS templates:

Visit the WPS Template website: Go to the WPS Template website using your preferred web browser or Direct Google search for "wps template mall".

Browse the template categories: Explore the various template categories available on the website, such as ID cards, resumes, presentations, and more.

Choose templates from different types of templates and then make a document as per your requirement.

Select an ID card template: Choose the ID card template that best fits your needs and click on it to open the template page.

Choose templates from different types of templates and then make a document as per your requirement.

Preview and download: Preview the template by viewing the sample images and details provided. If the template suits your requirements, click the "Download" button.

Open in WPS Office: Once the template is downloaded, locate the file on your computer and open it using WPS Office, a free office suite that is compatible with a wide range of file formats.

Customise the template: Edit the template by replacing the placeholder text and images with your own information. Use the available editing tools in WPS Office to customise fonts, colours, and other design elements.

Customize the template using proper tools and platform and make a suitable template for use.

Save and export: After customising the template, save the modified file to your desired location on your computer. You can export it in various formats, such as PDF, Word, or PowerPoint, depending on your needs.

By following these steps, you can easily find, download, and customise an ID card template from the WPS Template website using WPS Office, enabling you to create professional-looking ID cards efficiently.


What is the standard format for an ID card?

The standard format for an ID card is typically 3.375 inches by 2.125 inches (85.6 mm by 54 mm), which is the same size as a standard credit card. This format ensures compatibility with cardholders, wallets, and card readers, making it widely accepted and convenient for everyday use.

How do I create a size ID card?

To create a standard-sized id card template for microsoft word, set the dimensions to 3.375 inches by 2.125 inches (85.6 mm by 54 mm) in your design software. Design the card layout with essential information such as name, photo, and other details. Ensure the design is visually appealing and aligns with your requirements before printing on suitable cardstock or PVC cards.

How do I print my ID card size?

To print your ID card at the correct size, ensure your printer settings are configured correctly. Set the paper size to match the dimensions of the ID card (3.375 inches by 2.125 inches or 85.6 mm by 54 mm). Adjust print quality and alignment settings as needed. Load the cardstock or PVC cards into the printer tray and initiate the printing process.

Download Free ID Card Template Anytime!

In conclusion, free download ID card templates offer a convenient and cost-effective solution for creating professional and personalised identification cards. These templates save time, provide customization options, and offer professional design layouts. By utilising these templates, individuals and organisations can streamline their identification processes and enhance security measures.

When it comes to choosing a platform for accessing and editing ID card templates, WPS Office stands out as an excellent choice. With its compatibility with a wide range of file formats and user-friendly interface, WPS Office provides a seamless experience for customising ID card templates.

It offers a comprehensive suite of tools and features that allow users to modify text, images, and design elements with ease. Additionally, WPS Office is constantly updated, ensuring that users have access to the latest templates and design trends.

Overall, the combination of free download ID card templates and the user-friendly nature of WPS Office makes it the ideal choice for individuals and organisations looking to create professional and customised ID cards efficiently and effectively.

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