Top 10 Business Card Templates Free Download in PDF

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Your business card is an important representation of your organization's image. It not only needs to convey what you do but also establish a sense of trust and provide essential contact information. With WPS Office, you can download free beautiful business card templates in PDF format. Let's explore the top 10 templates that you can use to create impressive business cards.

Top 10 Business Card Templates Free Download in PDF

When it comes to creating business cards, having a visually appealing and professionally designed template can make all the difference. In this section, we present the top 10 business card templates available for free download in PDF format. These templates are provided by WPS Office, a trusted platform that offers a wide range of customizable templates to meet your business needs.

1. Simple Orange Business Card

Simple Orange Business Card

If you're in the food business and want a modern-looking business card, this template is a great choice. Showcase the interior of your restaurant and your signature dishes on the front, and include your contact information on the back.

Highlights of this template:

  • Ideal for the food industry with a modern design

  • Showcases the interior of your restaurant and signature dishes

  • Allows you to include all the necessary contact information

Capture the essence of your food business with a touch of modernity. Download the template here and let your culinary expertise shine

2. Effect Design Business Card

Effect Design Business Card

Create a lasting impression with this unique design. It features an eye-catching effect that will make your business card stand out. Customize it with your own details to create a personalized card.

Highlights of this template:

  • Unique and eye-catching template with captivating visual effects

  • Makes a lasting impression on recipients

  • Perfect for businesses that want to stand out from the crowd

Unleash your creativity and leave a lasting impression. Download the template here to experience its captivating effects.

3. Green Fresh Watercolor Business Card

Green Fresh Watercolor Business Card

If you're looking for a fresh and artistic design, this watercolor business card template is perfect. It combines a vibrant green color palette with a modern layout, making it suitable for various professions.

Highlights of this template:

  • Fresh and artistic design with vibrant green watercolor elements

  • Adds a touch of creativity and uniqueness to your business card

  • Suitable for businesses in creative industries or those seeking an artistic flair

Infuse your business card with an artistic touch. This template brings vibrancy and creativity to the table. Download it here and let your business card make a splash.

4. Fresh Blue Business Card for Minimalist

Fresh Blue Business Card for Minimalist

For a clean and minimalist look, this fresh blue business card template is an excellent choice. It features a simple design that focuses on the essential information, creating a professional and elegant card.

Highlights of this template:

  • Clean and minimalistic design, perfect for a minimalist aesthetic

  • Focuses on essential information, providing a sleek and modern look

  • Creates a professional and sophisticated impression

Embrace the power of simplicity with this clean and minimalistic design. Download the template here and let your business card make a statement with its understated elegance.

5. Blue Geometric Business Card

Blue Geometric Business Card

Make a bold statement with this geometric business card template. The striking blue color scheme combined with the geometric shapes creates a visually appealing design that is sure to impress.

Highlights of this template:

  • Striking geometric shapes and blue color scheme

  • Adds a touch of modernity and sophistication to your business card

  • Ideal for businesses that want a contemporary and visually appealing design

Showcase your modernity and sophistication with this striking template. Download it here and let your business card reflect your unique style.

6. Simple Fresh Business Card for Minimalist

Simple Fresh Business Card for Minimalist

This template is perfect for those who prefer a clean and minimalistic style. With its simple and fresh design, it allows your contact information to take center stage, making it easy for clients to reach out to you.

Highlights of this template:

  • Another option for minimalist enthusiasts

  • Clean and fresh design that emphasizes clear and concise contact information

  • Provides a minimalist yet professional look for your business card

Embody simplicity and freshness with this clean design. Download the template here and let your business card speak volumes with its minimalistic charm.

7. Red Minimalist Business Card

Red Minimalist Business Card

If you want to add a touch of sophistication to your business card, this red minimalist template is a great choice. The sleek design and bold red accents create a professional and memorable impression.

Highlights of this template:

  • Exudes elegance and professionalism with bold red accents

  • Makes a statement while maintaining a minimalist design

  • Perfect for those who want a sleek and sophisticated business card

Command attention and exude professionalism with this bold and minimalist design. Download the template here to make a bold statement.

8. Blue Deep Pink Business Card

Blue Deep Pink Business Card

This unique template combines a deep blue background with pink accents, resulting in a visually appealing and modern design. Stand out from the crowd with this creative business card.

Highlights of this template:

  • Modern and creative design with a deep blue background and pink highlights

  • Adds a touch of vibrancy and creativity to your business card

  • Captures attention and makes a memorable impression

Embrace creativity and add a splash of color to your business card. Download the template here to showcase your unique personality.

9. Blue and Red Creative Business Card

Blue and Red Creative Business Card

With its striking blue and red color combination, this creative business card template is sure to grab attention. The innovative design allows you to showcase your creativity and make a memorable impression.

Highlights of this template:

  • Showcases your creativity with a unique combination of blue and red elements

  • Visually appealing and stands out from traditional business cards

  • Perfect for businesses that want a creative and innovative design

Unleash your creativity with this captivating combination of blue and red elements. Download the template here and let your business card make a memorable impact.

10. Blue Swiming Visiting Card

Blue Swiming Visiting Card

Perfect for professionals in aquatic or sports-related industries, this template features a swimming-themed design. Make a splash with this unique and eye-catching business card.

Highlights of this template:

  • Features a swimming-themed design, ideal for aquatic or sports-related professions

  • Adds a playful and energetic touch to your business card

  • Grabs attention and makes a statement about your industry focus

Dive into success with this aquatic-themed template. Perfect for sports-related professions, download it here and let your business card make a splash.

Why Choose WPS Free Pdf Business Card Template?

  1. Professional Designs: WPS offers free PDF business card templates with attractive designs that make a lasting impression and convey professionalism.

  2. Easy Customization: These templates are fully customizable, allowing you to personalize them with your logo, contact information, colors, and fonts.

  3. Adherence to Industry Standards: WPS ensures that their PDF templates follow industry norms for dimensions, resolution, and printing guidelines.

  4. Time and Cost Efficiency: By using WPS free PDF templates, you save time and money compared to starting from scratch or hiring a designer.

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What Is A Free Pdf Business Card Template By WPS?

A free PDF business card template by WPS is a ready-to-use design layout that you can download and customize with your company's information. There are also business plan template pdf on our website. 

Why, When, and Where to Use a Business Card Template?

  • Why: Business cards are essential for networking and making a professional impression by providing tangible representation of your brand and contact information.

  • When: Business cards are useful in various situations like meetings, conferences, networking events, and social gatherings.

  • Where: Business cards can be used in any industry or profession, making them versatile for sharing with clients, partners, potential customers, and colleagues.

Highlights of the Pdf Business Card Template By WPS

  • Attractive Design: WPS templates offer visually appealing designs for standout business cards.

  • Adherence to Industry Standards: Templates follow required dimensions, resolution, and printing guidelines.

Using WPS free PDF business card templates allows you to create professional cards that accurately represent your brand and make a strong impact on potential clients and business contacts.

How To Use a Business Card Template By WPS?

Step-by-step guide on how to use a business card template by WPS:

Step 1: Visit the WPS website: Go to the official WPS website (WPS website) and locate the business card templates section.

WPS templates website

Step 2: Choose a template: Browse through the available business card templates and select the one that best suits your needs and preferences.

Business card templates

Step 3: Download the template: Click on the download button or link provided for the chosen template to save it to your computer or device.

Download template

Step 4: Open the template: Launch the WPS Office software on your computer and open the program that corresponds to the file format of the template (e.g., WPS Writer for DOCX files).

Step 5: Customize the template: Modify the template by adding your own information, such as your name, contact details, and company information. You can also customize the design elements, colors, fonts, and layout to align with your brand.

Edit information

Step 6: Save your customized business card: Once you have personalized the template, save it with a new file name to preserve your changes.

Save business card

Step 7: Print the business cards: Print the customized business card template using a professional printing service or your own printer. Ensure that you use the appropriate paper stock and settings for optimal results.

Step 8: Review and make adjustments: Before finalizing the design, carefully review the layout, text, and overall appearance of the business card. Make any necessary adjustments or corrections to ensure everything looks perfect.

Step 9: Share your business cards: Distribute your printed business cards to potential clients, colleagues, or contacts at networking events, conferences, or during business meetings.

By following these step-by-step instructions, you can effectively utilize a business card template by WPS to create personalized and professional business cards for your brand.


1. How do I make a PDF business card?

You can create a PDF business card by using a template provided by WPS Office. Simply customize the template with your information and export it as a PDF.

2. Is PDF or PNG better for business cards?

PDF is generally a better format for business cards as it preserves the design and formatting of the card. PNG files are more suitable for web use

3. What app do I use to create business cards?

WPS Office provides templates and software that allow you to create professional business cards easily. Simply download the template and use WPS Office software to customize it.

4. Can I make a PDF a template in Word?

Yes, you can use WPS Office software to open a PDF template and customize it with your information.

5. Which format is best for business cards?

PDF is the recommended format for business cards as it ensures that the design and layout remain consistent across different devices and software.


In conclusion, WPS Office offers a variety of free business card templates in PDF format. With these templates, you can easily create professional and visually appealing business cards that leave a lasting impression on your clients. Choose from a range of designs and customize them to suit your brand. WPS Office simplifies the process of creating business cards, making it accessible to everyone. Start creating your own impressive business cards today with WPS Office.

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