The Ultimate Guide to Time Card Templates: Streamline Your Time-Tracking Process

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Employers use time cards to track the number of work hours of their employees. Compared to paper records, time card templates are supported by Windows, MAC, and Android, offering more convenience.

The problem is that how does one search for the right time card template and download it in the required format?

You can find all solutions to these questions at the WPS template store. The WPS template store offers amazing, practical, and free-time card templates. The users of WPS Office can also create their own time card templates.

Best 10 Excel Calendars Templates Free Download

1. Employee Over Time Calculator

display of employee over time calculator

Overtime is when employees might work beyond their defined regular working hours.

This time card template uses the time to track employee productivity by calculating how much overtime has occurred during a defined period. This time card template helps automatically record the clock-in and clock-out times for a company's entire workforce.

The employee overtime calculator helps employers and employees accurately assess the due overtime that is to be paid and at what hourly rate. The automated calculation can speed up and optimize payroll management.

2. Color Block Time Sheet

display of employee over time calculator

This time card template uses color codes to keep track of the employee’s leave days, and the days they were present. You can color code the leaves approved on the respective days of the calendar the employees were absent.

In the time card template, the color green indicates the employee’s presence at work. On the other hand, the red color block stands for their off day. The color blue indicates the day the employee asked for leave.

The color blocks on a timecard can help the administration simplify attendance control.

3. Simple Business Punch Card

display of business punch card template

This time card template provides employees with effective timestamps for managers and employees alike.

The simple business punch card template allows a realistic track of when employees start work, call in sick, and leave at the end of their work shifts.

This time card template is effective for employees to keep track of employee hours – down to the minute. The business punch cards make the entire time tracking process easier, enabling secure and more accurate records.

4. Time Card Calculator

You can use this time card calculator to efficiently measure the employees’ productivity level. This way, you will improve and streamline your administrative process.

Using this weekly time card template, you will accurately measure the clocking-in and clocking-out times of the workforce. You can mention the weekly and daily overtime options as an indicator to employees of the overtime rules.

Using this time card template in Excel, you can control rounding to calculate the time to the minutes.

5. Employee Attendance Sheet

This time card template is an excellent employee attendance sheet that will allow you to track all attendance-related data of employees, including their presence, attendance, leave, vacation, lateness, and uninformed leaves.

You can look at the employee attendance sheet as an Excel attendance tracker that will help employers and management spot absenteeism and unexcused leaves.

It is easy to use – you can add names, employment IDs, and the designated departments in the respective columns. This time card also includes color blocks that allow you to spot an employee’s overall performance.

6. Employee Attendance Record

This time card template is an effective way to maintain employee attendance records.

This time card has a simple layout that allows you to regularly record the attendance of your employees, which will then help you with calculating the number of days off, presents, late-ins, uninformed leaves, etc.

Since the attendance record also calculates overtime, it is an effective way to control and manage payroll for the salaries of each employee. The monthly attendance record sheet is an efficient and accurate way for data recording.

7. Employee Absent Rate Calculator

Using this time card template, you can accurately calculate the percentage of monthly and yearly absenteeism of your company. This employee absent rate calculator template is a simple yet hassle-free and ready-to-use Excel template.

The absent rate sheet is an HR Metric that can help the management and employer understand the employee turnover rate and turnover cost. Calculating this data is crucial for assessing employee retention metrics.

Using this template, you will need to enter the following details:

  • Total employees

  • Working days

  • Average working days

  • Lost days

After providing these details, you will have the calculated average of the absent rate.

8. Weekly Employee Timesheet

This time card template is an ideal weekly timesheet that you can use in Excel to record the daily attendance of each employee. It also calculates the overtime along with the weekly sick leaves, holiday leaves, unpaid leaves, and other leaves.

You can use this weekly timesheet to determine whether or not employees checked in for the working days for a week. The weekly employee attendance sheet is ideal for companies with a weekly invoice cycle.

You can spot the weekly performance of each employee for an entire week.

9. Employee Attendance Check-In Form

display of attendance check-in employee form

With this time card template, the management will be spending less time on payroll.

This simple attendance check-in form will accurately record all employees' check-in and check-out times, which will effectively process the employee's time spent working each day, week, and month.

This employee attendance check-in form will help you save up to 70% of your time while calculating your monthly payroll. This timesheet will definitely prevent human error in the record-keeping of data.

10. Simple and Useful Attendance Sheet

display of simple and useful attendance sheet

If you want to keep things simple and uncomplicated, you can immensely benefit from this simple yet useful time card template to record the attendance of your employees. Using this simple attendance sheet template, you can record sick leave, paid leave, vacation day, etc., for each employee easily.

You can also integrate color blocks to spot absenteeism and unapproved leaves without much effort. At the end of each week or month, you can easily and accurately calculate the payroll.

Why do We Need Time Card Templates

We need time card templates to keep track of the start and end times of tasks. When it comes to time cards for employees, these are crucial to keeping a detailed track of employee's productivity, including their clock-in and clock-out timings, overtime, absent days, and present days.

That said, the essential problem that many employees and managers face is that they struggle with finding the right time card templates that suit their respective business needs.

The above-mentioned time card templates have demonstrated the following benefits:

  • Track employees' productivity by comparing their time spent at the workplace and their output/ productivity.

  • Calculate wages with accuracy.

  • Keep a record of old data.

  • Spot absenteeism of employees who cost money to the company.

  • Create accurate reports of employees' worked hours and their consequent weekly/ monthly pay.

  • Efficient processing of payroll.

Customizing Your Time Card Template

By using the following steps, you can customize your time card template to suit your business needs:

1. Download WPS Office

download option

2. Choose your desired time card template.

time card templates sample

3. Add your company logo to the time card template.

displaying company name option

4. While formatting the time card template, you will want to keep it simple for smooth operations.

5. You will want to use color codes to spot the attendance record of your employees with ease.

use of color codes in template

6. Use the additional information fields to break down the individual tasks and include them on time cards.

tabs for individual tasks

7. Complete the customization of your card time template by saving it in Google Docs or your PC.

save option for time card template

Choosing the Right Time Card Template for Your Business

When it comes to choosing the right time card template for your businesses, you will want to keep the following things in mind:

  • Size of Your Workforce – a time card template for a smaller company with fewer employees will be different from a time card template for a bigger company with more employees.

  • Frequency of Pay Periods – different time card templates are available for different pay periods, such as weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly.

  • Type of Work – depending on your company's work, you can find templates that suit the work-related pay periods and other formats.

  • Legal Requirements – while choosing the time card template, you will want to ensure that it suits the legal requirements regarding regulating minimum wage, overtime age, and calculating and recording hours according to the FLSA (Fair Labor Standards Act).  

FAQ about Excel Calendar Templates

Q1. Can I make a calendar using an Excel template?

A. Yes, you can. You can find many calendar templates to use in Excel. The template will provide you with a basic layout that you can then modify to meet your needs. 

Q2. How can I use an Excel calendar template for time management?

A. To use an Excel calendar effectively, you will want to follow these steps:

  • Define your goals.

  • Set task priorities. 

  • Schedule your time.

  • Analyze your schedule. 

Q3. How can I use time cards in Excel?

A. To use time cards in Excel, you will want to follow the below-given steps:

  • Download a suitable time card template.

  • Prepare the timesheet in Excel.

  • Enter identifying information in the relevant fields. 

  • Add pay rates in respective fields.

  • Add the hourly wage for each employee. 

  • Add the rates of pay for overtime.

  • Keep track of employees’ attendance and hours worked. 

  • Save your timesheet. 


The free time card templates of WPS Office are perfectly tailored to meet your business needs. After choosing the desired template, you can create a timesheet in Excel without the hassle of creating one from scratch.

Browsing through the WPS Office’s time card templates, you will find templates for daily, weekly, and monthly hours along with earning tables for a chosen pay period – based on your customized dates.

Search for a suitable time card template by browsing the different categories of WPS Office templates and downloading the one that suits your needs on your device. WPS Office is available for Linux, Windows, Mac, and Android. 

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