How to Print Darker PDF- Step-by-Step Process!

July 31, 2023 6.0K views

Are you looking for the best pdf edition through which you can print darker pdf? Then this article is perfect for you! For every individual who uses PDF constantly for making reports, this is very important to know how to print darker PDF. In this piece of writing, we are going to provide you with detailed information about the process of printing darker PDF and how to do this efficiently. Multiple software and online tools are available in the market for this process, so we are here to share the top three online tools details through which you can edit and print darker PDF

How to Print Darker PDF- Use smallpdfcom Now!

Are you in need of a darkened PDF document for reading? Usually, we all know that PDF will allow you to read the document and preserve the page layout. This means PDF is not editable; for this, many people scanned the pdf, which is very light to read. So to darken the pdf file, you can do is use this online tool, i.e.,

·      Open pdf editor

·      Now click and drag the PDF file into the toolbox

·      Click on the square symbol and select the rectangle

·      Make sure the color that you have set to black, and then resize it and cover the text

·      Click on finish and save the document.

How to Print Darker PDF- Use Now!

Adobe acrobat is the most effective PDF editor, where you can easily contrast the PDF to a dark file. This will provide you with different color options to make the text darker. Apart from this, this online tool will offer you many other features; you can convert the pdf file to excel word and make your reading experience better.

  • Open a pdf file with acrobat, and press ctrl+k to open the preference box. Make sure to set an image editor on Adobe acrobat; this will enable you to install an extension that can darken the PDF very easily.

  • Click on the categories and select the touchup option. Now select the image editor option to select the system image editor.

  • Now go to the toolbar and select the tools and click the background option from the Page.

  • From the background, you can select the add background option; you can also choose the dark color from the color option. Now click on the ok button to darken your PDF file. Don't forget to save before exiting.

How to Print Darker PDF- Use WPS PDF Tools Now!

This is one of the best converter tools through which you can print darker pdf easily. The entire process is very simple and easy. Does not matter if you work on windows, mac, or Linux. This online tool is perfect for any purpose. The best part is you can download their app too. Direct on your android and iOS system just for free of cost. This online tool is very fast and user-friendly. You can download the WPS office on your computer or laptop then you can open the file that you want to print

·      Select the PDF that you want to print by using the WPS tool

·      Click on the “file” and select “print” from the drop-down menu

·      Now click on “advanced” to get access of the printer settings

·      If you want to print dark, adjust the brightness and contrast in the setting option just to make the document darker.

·      Now click on ”ok” to apply the changes and click on “print” to start the printing process.

Tips for PDF Users:

Does not matter whether you are a beginner or an experienced one in this field; your main focus is to choose the correct PDF editor through which you can print the pdf file editor through which you can print any pdf file in a darker shade. So if you are looking for the best and most trustworthy pdf editor, WPS tools are the best option to choose. This is one of the best online tools. Also, you can download the WPS office too.

FAQ for PDF Editor:

Is app downloading for pdf editing necessary?

You can download it, but in case if you need this on an urgent basis, then you can visit the WPS site for the pdf tool, and then you can edit the file if you want to print a darker pdf. WPS tool will take hardly few seconds to do the job

Do I need to pay any charges for the WPS pdf tool site?

So, in the beginning, they will not charge anything from you. You can edit your pdf file free of cost. You can take the trial package option and try that.

Choose the Best PDF Editor now

The main purpose of any good PDF editor is to edit the file with ease, and for this WPS pdf tool is the best choice among all.

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