Professional Tips to Make Your PowerPoint Slides Appealing to the Audience

August 2, 2023 1.1K views

Are you struggling to create a compelling PowerPoint presentation for your study assignment or business conference? Do you want to know where to find free and downloadable PowerPoint templates? Look no further, this article will provide you with expert tips on how to make your presentation look professional and engaging to your audience.

Tips to Design Professional Presentation Slides

Designing professional presentation slides can be a daunting task, especially if you are new to PowerPoint. Here are some tips to help you create stunning slides that engage and captivate your audience:

  • Choose the Right Template

When it comes to creating a successful PowerPoint presentation, choosing the right template is crucial. A well-designed template can help make your presentation more engaging and professional.

Where to Find Downloadable and Free PowerPoint Slides Templates?

A great way to elevate your presentation is to use a well-designed PowerPoint template. The WPS Template Store offers a wide range of free and downloadable templates that you can use for your presentation. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to download free PowerPoint templates from WPS Office:

Method 1:

Step 1: Open WPS Office and select "Presentation" from the home screen.

Step 2: Browse through the templates and select the one you like.

Step 3: Click on a template and select “Free Use” to use the template.

Step 4: Start customizing it to fit your needs.

Method 2:

Step 1: Go to the WPS Template Store website ( and browse through the available templates.

WPS Office template store

Step 2: Click on the template you like and select "Download" to save it to your computer.

Step 3: Open the downloaded template in PowerPoint and start customizing it to fit your needs.

By using these simple methods, you can easily find and download free PowerPoint templates to enhance your presentation.

  • Focus on the Visual Aspect of Your Slides

To make your presentation more engaging and memorable, it is important to focus on the visual aspect of your slides. Use images, graphics, and videos to support your message and break up long blocks of text. Make sure your visuals are high-quality and relevant to your topic.

  • Choose Appropriate Colors and Fonts

Choosing the right colors and fonts can make a big difference in how your presentation is received. Use colors that are consistent with your brand or topic and avoid using too many colors that may be distracting. Choose easy-to-read fonts that are appropriate for the content and the audience.

  • Avoid Too Much Content in One Slide

One common mistake in PowerPoint presentations is putting too much information on one slide. This can overwhelm your audience and make it difficult for them to follow your message. Keep your slides simple and focused on one main point. Use bullet points to highlight key information and make sure your text is easy to read.

  • Use a Unifying Background

Using a unifying background can help tie your presentation together and make it look more cohesive. Choose a background that is consistent with your brand or topic and avoid using backgrounds that may be distracting or difficult to read.

  • Pay Attention to Time Spent on Each Slide

Timing is key when it comes to a successful PowerPoint presentation. Make sure you allocate enough time for each slide and avoid spending too much time on any one slide. Use animations and transitions to keep your audience engaged and help them follow your message.

How to Make PowerPoint Slides for Free?

Making a PowerPoint presentation using WPS Office is easy and free. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to create a presentation:

1. Download and Open WPS Presentation

Download and install WPS Office from the official website.

Open WPS Presentation by clicking on the program icon on your desktop.

2. Choose a Template

Browse through the available templates and click on the one you want to use.

3. Insert a New Slide

Click on the "Home" tab in the top menu.

Click on the "New Slide" button in the top left corner.

Choose the type of slide you want to insert from the dropdown menu.

4. Add and Format Text

Click on the text box on the slide.

Type your text into the box.

Use the formatting options in the top menu to change the font, size, color, and alignment of your text.

5. Insert Pictures, Shapes and Videos

Click on the "Insert" tab in the top menu.

Click on the type of object you want to insert.

Browse your computer or online for the file you want to insert and click "OK".

6. Add Speaker Notes

Click on the "View" tab in the top menu.

Click on "Notes Page" to view the speaker notes.

Type your notes into the notes area at the bottom of the page.

7. Save and Give Your Presentation

Click on the "File" tab in the top menu.

Choose "Save" to save your presentation.

When you're ready to give your presentation, click on the "Slideshow" tab in the top menu and choose "From Beginning" to start your presentation.

By following these simple steps, you can easily make a PowerPoint presentation for free using WPS Office.

Best PowerPoint Slides Creator and Editor: WPS Office

WPS Office is a highly recommended PowerPoint slide creator and editor, offering a range of benefits that make it a popular choice for users worldwide. Unlike other software that requires a one-time purchase or high-priced subscription, WPS Office provides free services.

WPS Office-Easily Present Attractive Slides!

Additionally, the WPS Template Store provides users with a vast selection of free slide templates to choose from, allowing them to customize their presentations according to their specific needs. The interface of WPS Office is simple, beautiful, and user-friendly, and the software is compatible with various systems, ensuring seamless operation across devices.

Moreover, WPS Office provides other office components besides ppt, such as word processor (WPS Writer), PDF editor, and spreadsheet editor, enabling users to meet their diversified needs. Lastly, with over 500 million active users globally, WPS Office is a reliable and trusted platform for creating and editing PowerPoint slides.


Q1: How can I add guides to PowerPoint slides in WPS Office?

To add guides in PowerPoint slides using WPS Office, follow these steps:

1. Open the slides and click on the "View" tab.

2. Then, click on the "Grid and Guides" button and check the "Display drawing guides on screen," "Display smart guides on screen," and "Objects follow with guides" options in the Guide settings area.

3. After setting the options, click on the OK button.

4. The orange smart guides on the screen will help to align the objects with the guide.

5. As you drag the guide on the slide, the position of each element changes accordingly.

Q2: How to attach an excel file to presentation?

To attach an Excel file to a PowerPoint presentation using WPS Office, follow these steps:

1. Open your PowerPoint presentation and go to the slide where you want to insert the Excel file.

2. Click on the Insert tab in the top menu and then click on the Object button.

3. In the Object dialog box, select the "Create from file" option and click on the "Browse" button to locate the Excel file you want to insert.

4. Select the file and click on the "Insert" button.

5. In the Object dialog box, select the "Link to file" option if you want any changes made to the original Excel file to be reflected in the presentation. If you do not want the file to be updated, select the "Display as icon" option.

6. Click on the "OK" button to insert the Excel file into your PowerPoint presentation.

Once the Excel file is inserted, you can double-click on it to open and edit the original file in Excel.

Q3: How to merge PPT?

To merge PPT files in WPS Office, follow these steps:

  1. Open WPS Presentation and create a new blank presentation.

  2. Click on the Home tab and then click on the arrow below the New Slide button.

  3. From the drop-down menu, select Reuse Slides.

4. In the Reuse Slides pane that appears on the right-hand side, click on the Browse button and navigate to the location where the PPT files you want to merge are stored.

5. Select the first PPT file you want to merge and click on the Open button. The slides from the selected file will appear in the Reuse Slides pane.

6. Repeat step 5 for each additional PPT file you want to merge.

7. To add the selected slides to your new presentation, simply click on the slide thumbnails in the Reuse Slides pane.

8. Once you have added all the slides you want to merge, rearrange them as needed and save your new merged PPT file.


In conclusion, the article provides tips for designing professional presentation slides, step-by-step guidance on how to make PowerPoint slides for free using WPS Office, and answers to some frequently asked questions related to WPS Presentation. WPS Office is highlighted as a great choice for creating and editing PowerPoint presentations due to its user-friendly interface, compatibility with various systems, a large number of free slide templates, and the availability of other office components besides ppt. WPS Office currently has more than 500 million active users worldwide.

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