Quick Guide on How to Convert TIFF to PDF in Windows for Free

July 31, 2023 1.1K views

TIFF files are image files with “.tif” or “.tiff” extension names. They are widely used by graphic designers and photographers for maintaining the original pixel quality (resolution bitmap) of the raster design or image. Due to their unwavering image quality artists prefer to store files in TIFF format. TIFF files are overwhelmingly larger in size (even when compressed) and thus difficult to handle and store.

Because of the file size issue you cannot send them to others via email or whatsapp. Apart from sending them to others you cannot store TIFF files when they exceed a thousand numbers. To overcome these issues we convert TIFF to PDF. PDF can easily be transferred to others via email or whatsapp and they also do not disturb the file quality and format. You can easily combine multiple TIFF images into one PDF file. This article will discuss the easy ways to convert TIFF to PDF in windows offline for free.

How to convert tiff to PDF in windows Offline using WPS

If you have WPS Office installed in your computer or laptop then it is much easier to convert tiff to PDF. You can do many types of conversions like pdt to word, word to pdf and also image to pdf. If you do not have WPS Office app in your laptop you can download it from;

  • WPS official website
  • Windows store

Steps to convert tiff to PDF in windows

1-Launch WPS Office app on your laptop.

2-From the left menu bar, click on the “Image to PDF” option. If you do not see this option here you can find it by clicking on the “Tools” option on the bottom of the same menu bar.


3-Then a dialog box will pop up. You can add images of any format by clicking on the “+” option or just simply dragging your file and dropping it to dropbox.


4-When your file is successfully uploaded, you can make custom changes on the bottom of this dialog box. After making changes click on the “convert” button.


5-Choose the desired folder for saving this PDF. Congrats! You have done the job.


How to convert tiff to PDF in Windows 10 Photo Viewer

One of the numerous benefits of owning a Windows 10-based computer is that you can convert images of any format to PDF with the help of the “printer”.

Steps to convert tiff to PDF through Windows photo viewer

1-Right click on your tiff image and open it with Windows default photo viewer.


2-From the menu bar on top of the screen click on the three dots and then click on the “print” option. It will open a dropdown box.


3-Click on the “Microsoft print to PDF” option from the dropdown of “printer”. You can make other changes if you want.


4-Click on “print” and select the destination folder. Click on the “Save” button and It will save a PDF copy of that tiff into your desired folder.



Handling and transferring TIFF files is always a hard task to do. For storing a bundle of TIFF files we convert tiff format to PDF and combine all files in one PDF copy. This makes it easy to transfer files to other devices or simply to store. This article discussed the quick steps on how to convert tiff to PDF on WPS Office and windows photo viewer.

Download the WPS Office for your computer and enjoy free conversion of files.

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