A Quick Guide to WPS Office PDF App: Free Download

July 31, 2023 2.1K views

WPS Office Free is a productivity application developed by Kingsoft corporation, china. As the name suggests, WPS (Writer, Powerpoint, Sheets) is a free alternative to MS Office to solve your daily office needs. It includes every single tool/app for free as compared to MS Office which is offering for heavy prices; Writer | a word processor, spreadsheet | An excel substitute, and powerpoint presentation | as a presentation creator.

About WPS Office


WPS Office Free is compatible with all Microsoft Office files formats and can exchange work progress with google docs and MS Office without harming the file format. Best of all, it is available for free on all app stores and uses less space and resources than the rest of its competitors. Moreover, it works well with the free version but for advanced editing fuctions liks PDF editing can be purchased through Premium version which is the cheapest premium package of any Office suite in the World. This blog will uncover the features of WPS Office and pros n cons of using this app.


Features of WPS Office


A best alternative to MS Office

WPS Office has features that many office suites offer like MS Office and Google Docs. With WPS Office, you can create new documents or edit existing ones. Beyond the typical tools, such as Font - adjusting font style and size, Insert - adding slides, and creating formulas. It also has some advanced features like OCR to scan the handwritten documents and convert it to editable PDF or Word. Among these features is the ability to track changes , print files using Google Cloud Print, and encrypt files using digital sign or password. You can also have an option to install extra fonts.


WPS Office app has advanced its spreadsheet program by adding built-in formulas and supporting charts designing. At the moment, the presentation suite has a presenter mode that plays your slideshows with a projector or laser pointer. You can also use this pointer to draw on the presentation.

Word Writer and Processor

Finally, the Writer App in WPS Office Free's version, has a read-only and edit mode. Here in reading mode you can flip through the pages like a book. Moreover, it comes with a word editor/writer, through which you can edit and make changes in a word document.

Cloud Storage

Like its competitors, WPS Office app also provides limited cloud storage for free, which can be expanded by premium subscription. However, you can go with saving small files so they cannot exceed 1GB.

Familiar controls

WPS Office offers an interface much familiar to Microsoft Office's new version. If you ever used MS Office, then using this app will be a breeze in the same direction. It provides the same ribbon-tabs with all commonly used tools and options displayed prominently.


  • Comprehensive list of handy features
  • Integrates with MS Office and preserve the original formatting
  • Familiar ribbon interface like MS Office
  • Very-light system requirements


  • In free version cloud storage is limited to 1GB, to avail more you will need to spend money
  • Presentation lacks advance animation tools
  • Contains ads in free version

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Final Words

All in one, WPS Office is a free, valuable alternative to MS Office. This office suite comes with a bundle of handy features. It is also versatile when it comes to integrating well with other similar programs such as MS Office and Google Docs. Moreover, its ribbon interface looks familiar to work with, allowing you to use it with ease. However, it lacks some advanced features that are not included in free versions. Ads emerge very badly while working but ads can be removed by purchasing premium. Nevertheless, it is still an excellent choice for office team-workers. Download the WPS Office app now.

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