Top 10 Weekly Meal Planner Pdf Templates free download in 2024

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Eating healthy can often feel like a challenging task. Some days, you find yourself pondering over what to cook, while on other days, you question whether it's even worth the effort. This is where the beauty of weekly meal planner templates comes in—they make life significantly easier and less complicated. With a well-designed meal planner, you can map out your meals for the entire week, ensuring you're prepared and ready to enjoy nourishing food. However, it's crucial to choose a planner that not only helps you stay organized but also motivates and inspires you to stick to your plan.

In this article, we will guide you through a selection of trendy and innovative meal planner templates that are worth exploring. WPS, renowned for its extensive template store, offers a wide range of options to cater to your specific needs.

What is a Weekly Meal Planner Template?

A weekly meal planner template is a food diary that helps you plan your meals for a week. Focusing on six principles makes it possible to attain the overall goal of raising the standard of household food consumption. Accuracy, balance, calorie (energy) control, nutrient density, moderation, and diversity are what they are all about.

A weekly meal planner template is an effective tool for helping people or families plan their meals for the whole week. It offers an organized style where you may list your meal suggestions, recipes, and necessary ingredients.

With a weekly meal planner template, you can quickly and easily develop and print a well-organized meal plan that fits your dietary requirements and preferences.

Samples of Free Weekly Meal Planner Pdf Templates

Here are several free weekly meal plan templates that you can save as PDF files. Let's take a look at these templates for planning your weekly meals:

This weekly nutrition planner is designed to simplify your meal planning process and make it effortless. With its straightforward layout and user-friendly design, you'll find that planning your meals becomes less time-consuming and more enjoyable.

Once you've decided on the meals you want to prepare for the week, this template allows you to easily customize it according to your preferences. You can modify the sections, add or remove columns, or make any necessary adjustments to suit your unique dietary needs or preferences. This flexibility ensures that the planner aligns perfectly with your meal planning goals.

Simple Meal Planner

This weekly food planner will brighten up your meal-planning routine! This colorful template makes weekly food planning fun. Find your perfect type, style, and color.

Its stylish and legible typography makes it a practical pick. After customizing your meals for the week, please print off the template and put it in your kitchen for reference.

Colorful and Vibrant Design Template

This customizable weekly meal schedule is flexible. It offers a tidy layout for weekly food planning. It has tabs to add Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snacks and Water Intake checks. Customize the template to fit your meal planning habit with its adjustable style.

Versatile and Customizable Template

This weekly meal planner template is ideal for families planning meals. You can include Family-friendly meal parts in the template. It lets you quickly plan meals for the whole family, considering everyone's preferences and dietary needs. This template makes family meal planning fun with its interactive style.

Family meal plan week

This simple weekly meal planner template is stylish and functional. It simplifies meal planning. With daily divisions and food planning space, the design lets you focus on the fundamentals. It's simple design makes meal planning easier. This meal-planning template is perfect for minimalists.

Simple and Functional Template

Samples of Free Weekly Meal Planner Pdf Templates with Grocery List

Here are some weekly meal planner templates that include a grocery list section, allowing you to plan your meals for the week while keeping track of the necessary ingredients:

The weekly meal plan template is simple yet elegant in its look. It offers spaces below each week of the day where you can list down all the intended dishes you want to cook on that day. This meal-planning template is perfect for minimalists.

It has an organized layout, and you can also allocate time to cook each dish so you are in the notes so you don’t have to rush through meal preparations.

With its streamlined and user-friendly layout, this template makes meal planning simple. It provides sections for each day of the week, including breakfast, lunch, supper, and snacks, allowing you to plan your meals for the entire week.

Simple Weekly Planner Template

This free, printable weekly meal planner with a grocery list PDF template complements meal planning with a stunning floral pattern. A grocery list and daily portions are included. Teal, pink, and lavender are the colors. The lovely font for days and department titles matches the style.

Floral weekly meal planner with grocery list

This Monochromatic Chic free weekly meal planner template with grocery list pdf is a printable template excellent for minimalists. Your weekly food planning and shopping list look chic with the monochromatic color scheme and bold, modern typefaces

Free Printable WeeklY Planner

Experience hassle-free meal planning and grocery shopping with our handy meal planner and shopping list.

Select your preferred recipes and populate your shopping list with the requisite ingredients. Our user-friendly list is designed to help you save both time and money in meal preparations.

The template features a visually appealing design with green accents, a well-organized table for logging your meals, and a conveniently located grocery list on the right side to assist you in remembering the necessary items for purchase.

Meal Planner With Grocery List

The grocery list simplifies meal planning. You can write meals in the day's column. You may easily construct a weekly shopping list with all the necessary items in one place.

The Weekly Meal Planner with Grocery List template has many colors and styles.

Chef Evelyn All-in-one Template

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How to Plan a Meal using a Weekly Meal Planner?

A weekly meal planner template can help you stay organized, save time, and make healthier food choices.

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to plan your meals using a weekly meal planner template:

  • Find a suitable template: Search for a weekly meal planner template that suits your needs. You can find free templates in PDF format online in the WPS Template store using keywords like "free weekly meal planner template pdf" or "weekly meal planner template with grocery list pdf."

  • Download the template: Once you've found a suitable template, download the template. Using WPS Office, users can edit their PDF templates for free. If the file downloaded is not inPDF format, users can also convert their templates into PDFs using WPS Office free conversion tools.

Edit PDFs using WPS Office

  • Plan your meals: Consider your dietary preferences, nutritional goals, and special dietary requirements. Divide your meal planner into breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. Fill in each day with meal ideas for each category.

  • Make a grocery list: Write the ingredients for each recipe as you prepare your meals.

  • Check your pantry before grocery shopping: Remove ingredients from your grocery list to avoid repetition.

  • Shop and prepare: With your meal plan and grocery list in hand, go shopping.

  • Stick to your meal plan: Prepare meals according to your weekly timetable. Adjust as needed, but be constant to reach your goals.

Tips On How To Make A Weekly Meal Plan That Works

You must carefully organize your weekly meal plan. Tips to maximize meal planning:

  • Take Inventory: Before meal planning, inventory your pantry, fridge, and freezer. This will help you reuse ingredients and minimize wasteful purchases.

  • Check weekly grocery shop specials and promotions: Use these reduced items to save money on meals.

  • Variety: Include items from different food groups in your meal plan. This will help you eat well and stay interested.

  • Prep ahead: Use your leisure time to prepare ingredients or meals. This will streamline mealtime on busy weekdays.

  • Be Flexible: Meal plans are helpful, but be open to adjustments. Life can change your meal plans. Don't worry—adapt and choose wisely.


Q1:How do I keep track of my meal plan?

Tracking your meal plan has many methods. Meal planning apps, planners, and notebooks are popular options. Organize and motivate yourself.

Q2:What is the difference between meal plan and meal planning?

Meal planning involves choosing your meals a week in advance. Recipes, shopping lists, and meal planning are involved. However, a meal plan is the schedule of meals you plan for a specific time. It guides food planning.

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Stay organized and Eat healthy- Design your meal plans with WPS Office

We have comprehensively covered everything in this article, ranging from the definition of a weekly meal planner to the best sources for acquiring top-notch templates. Conducting a bit of research on your part wouldn't hurt, and in case you still find something unsatisfactory, remember that WPS provides you with the option to customize your templates. So don't hesitate, download now!

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