10 Free Meal Plan Templates PDF To Arrange Your Healthy Eating

July 20, 2023 1.2K views

Developing optimal nutrition has never been easier, thanks to the incredible, ready-to-use meal plan templates at the WPS Template Store. You can easily customize these templates within the WPS Office to put new life into your diet plan. Set yourself up for success with the right "meal plan template pdf" that suits your nutritional requirements and gastronomic preferences. Now you can revolutionize your meal planning experience with just a few clicks!

Choosing Your Downloadable Meal Plan Template PDF

WPS Template Store provides a vast array of superior-quality templates. These templates can be downloaded and edited for free in WPS Office, allowing users to customize them according to their specific requirements and preferences.

1. Fresh Simple Weekly Menu

This weekly meal plan template in Word format is designed in a simple, clean, and vibrant light blue color scheme. The intuitive layout of the template makes it easier for you to note down breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even snacks. The minimalist design focuses on the content, enabling you to efficiently organize your meals and nutritional intake.

Best For

This template is versatile and can cater to a variety of individuals. It's excellent for students looking to maintain a healthy diet while juggling their studies, teachers who need to balance a busy schedule. Working professionals keen on maintaining their health amidst busy work schedules, or even homemakers who want to plan their family's meals meticulously.

2. Daily Food Diary

The Daily Food Diary template is a meticulously designed Word document that allows you to conveniently record your daily food intake. The template is divided into distinct sections for specific nutrients, including calories, protein, fat, and sugar. It's crafted to offer an in-depth view of your nutrition, helping you easily track and manage your dietary habits.

Best For

This template is best suited for individuals keen on maintaining a healthy lifestyle, like fitness enthusiasts, dietitians, and health-conscious individuals.

3. Fitness Weekly Diet

The Fitness Weekly Diet Template is a comprehensive meal planner designed to assist individuals in organizing their weekly diet effectively. The template comprises dedicated sections for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, allowing users to input their meal details in an organized manner.

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While this template is useful for anyone looking to maintain a consistent diet, it is particularly beneficial for fitness enthusiasts, individuals on a specific diet regime, nutritionists, and dietitians.

4. Modern Black Weekly Menu

Designed with a minimalist, contemporary aesthetic, the template boasts a sophisticated black color scheme that makes it stand out. It is neatly structured into days of the week, allowing you to fill in your planned meals for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even snacks.

Best For

The Modern Black Weekly Menu Template is versatile and can cater to various users. It's perfect for busy individuals, health-conscious eaters, students managing their food budget, teachers organizing school meal programs, or anyone keen on organizing their weekly meals easily and efficiently.

5. Meal Plan Menu

The dynamic meal plan template is a comprehensive and adaptable tool crafted to help streamline your dietary scheduling and food planning. This meal plan template is visually appealing and practical. The template allows for easy input and customization of meals based on individual dietary requirements and preferences.

Best For

This meal plan template is best for a wide range of individuals. In short, it's perfect for anyone interested in maintaining a structured and healthy eating plan.

6. Weekly Diet Plan

The Weekly Diet Plan Template is an easy-to-use document designed to assist users in planning their meals ahead of time. With simplicity and convenience in mind, it provides a clear structure for recording and organizing daily meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. This approach encourages a healthier eating lifestyle and ensures a more balanced, diverse, and nutritious diet.

With this template, you can easily list the food items you intend to eat daily, making monitoring of your daily calorie intake and nutritional content possible.

Best For

People of all ages can benefit from the Weekly Diet Plan Template. Students can use it to manage their eating habits and by teachers to teach about balanced diets and meal planning.

7. Teal Leaf Weekly Menu

The Teal Leaf Weekly Menu Template is a versatile tool that simplifies meal planning and enhances dietary control. With its captivating teal color design, this modern template offers a refreshing and aesthetically pleasing approach to organizing your meals for the entire week.

The template is structured with seven columns, each representing a day of the week. Each column is further divided into meal segments such as breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks, allowing users to fill in their desired meals for specific times.

Best For

It Provides a wide range of benefits to a variety of users. For students who want to stay on top of their diets and schedules. It can help teachers maintain a balanced diet. It will help parents plan family meals and ensure their children consume a balanced diet.

8. Weekly Meal Planner

It features sections for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and often includes spaces for snacks too. Moreover, this simple template can be conveniently exported as a PDF.

The weekly meal planner is arranged in a grid or table format, showing the days of the week horizontally and meal types vertically. Each cell provides ample space to write down your planned meal, including main dishes and side dishes, with the possibility to add nutritional information, ingredients required, or any specific cooking instructions.

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Working professionals or busy parents can benefit from this planning tool. It helps to reduce the stress of last-minute meal preparation, assists in maintaining a balanced diet, and supports efficient grocery shopping by knowing in advance what ingredients are needed for the week.

9. Simple Meal Planner

It has a clean and appealing design, predominantly white and red, ensuring it is visually pleasing and easy to read. This meal plan template also has the advantage of being easily savable and exportable in a PDF format.

This template has separate sections for each day, each containing further subdivisions for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. It is intuitive to input your meal plans into the corresponding boxes. The design is straightforward, making it accessible for anyone, regardless of technological familiarity.

Best For

This meal plan template is versatile and can be useful to anyone who wants to plan their meals. Additionally, those in charge of preparing meals for a family or anyone aiming to maintain a healthy diet can find this template invaluable.

10. Diet And Exercise Program

The Diet and Exercise Program Template is an innovative tool to optimize and personalize your health journey. Designed as an Excel formula, this template is user-friendly and you can can effortlessly manipulate it to meet your specific dietary and fitness objectives.

For the diet component, this Excel-based template tailors with columns and rows that help you track your daily intake of calories, macronutrients, and micronutrients. There are options to include meal timings, serving sizes, and types of food consumed.

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Whether you're a novice to diet and exercise tracking or a seasoned veteran, this template provides the structure and flexibility to meet your unique needs.



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1. How Does Weekly Meal Planning Saves Money?

Weekly meal planning saves money by preventing overbuying and food waste, as you purchase  what you need for the planned meals. It facilitates budgeting, potentially saving hundreds of dollars each month. Planning enables making multiple meals with common ingredients, providing further savings. It also curtails impulse purchases and unnecessary "quick runs" to the store, keeping spending in check.

2. What Are The Disadvantages Of A 1-Week Meal Plan?

A 1-week meal plan can demand significant time for planning and preparation, limit spontaneity in eating habits, and potentially cause boredom due to a lack of variety. There's also a risk of food waste if plans change, which may require high initial costs for purchasing all ingredients upfront.


This article provides an overview of 10 free, customizable meal plan template PDFs available at the WPS Template Store. Each template is carefully designed with designated sections for meal tracking and nutritional information, helping individuals maintain a balanced and healthy diet.

The WPS Office offers an extensive collection of free and premium meal planning templates, making it easier for users to monitor their dietary habits. It stands out for its user-friendly design, flexibility, and ability to export templates in PDF format. With customizable templates suiting various nutritional needs and gastronomic preferences, WPS Office invites you to revolutionize your meal planning experience. Give WPS Office a try and explore how these templates can breathe new life into your diet strategy.

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