Why Microsoft Office Disappeared and How to Retrieve it

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There are several reasons where you could have potentially accidentally uninstalled Microsoft Office, which now eventually results in you questioning where it is. Well, there is an easy way to find out the history of how you could have potentially deleted it and when, by checking your trash, but it won't recover it. This guide helps you understand how and why Microsoft Office disappeared so that it doesn't happen again and how to get your data back that was lost in the process when Microsoft Office was uninstalled.

Why Microsoft Office Disappeared and How to Retrieve it

Why Did My Microsoft Office Disappear?

There are a couple of reasons and theories specifically behind how your Microsoft Office disappeared. One of the major reasons is that you accidentally deleted it. Following are some of the ways on how you could have potentially accidentally deleted it yourself.

  • Accidental Click: Sometimes, users may accidentally click on the uninstall option while navigating through their programs or settings, especially if they are unfamiliar with the interface or in a rush.

  • Confusion with Other Software: Users might confuse the Microsoft Office uninstall option with a similar-looking option for another software program they intended to uninstall.

  • Misunderstanding of Functions: Users who are not familiar with the purpose of certain features or functions within their operating system may inadvertently initiate the uninstall process without realizing the consequences.

  • Unintentional Selection: During the process of removing other software or performing system maintenance, users may mistakenly select Microsoft Office for uninstallation.

  • Another theory is that you were not at fault. In this case system issues could have potentially occurred which could be either of the following:

  • Technical Errors: In some cases, technical errors or glitches in the operating system or uninstallation process may cause Microsoft Office to be uninstalled unintentionally.

  • System Restore: Performing a system restore to a previous point in time can sometimes remove installed applications, including Microsoft Office, if the restore point was created before Office was installed.

  • Software Glitches: Software glitches or errors during updates or installations can cause Microsoft Office to malfunction or become inaccessible.

  • Malware or Viruses: Malicious software can potentially target and remove or corrupt Microsoft Office files, leading to its apparent disappearance.

How to Retrieve Microsoft Office?

Microsoft Office disappeared and you can't find a way to get it back? Well, here we have compiled a list of 3 different methods that will help you restore your Office app on your system.

Method 1: Repair Microsoft Office

Step 1: On your system, click the search bar on the taskbar below and search for the “Control Panel”.

Windows 11 Control Panel

Step 2: In the Control Panel window, click the "Uninstall a Program" option located under the Program header.

Windows 11 Uninstall a Program

Step 3: Identify your Microsoft Office product and right-click to open the context menu.

Step 4: Within the context menu, select "Change" to access the repair options.

Modifying Program Settings Window

Step 5: A confirmation pop-up from Windows will appear, requiring your confirmation.

Step 6: Opt for "Quick Repair" and click "Repair" to proceed. This feature will automatically identify and resolve issues or missing files.

Quick Repair Option in Microsoft Office

Note: Ensure a stable internet connection for this step, as it relies on internet access.

Step 7: If the quick repair feature fails to resolve the issue, consider performing a full “Online Repair”.

Method 2: Reinstall Microsoft Office

If your Microsoft Office disappeared on Windows 10 or 11, you can easily reinstall it on your system by visiting the official website. Here are the steps to make it easier for you:

Step 1: Open your preferred web browser and visit the official Microsoft Office website.

Step 2: Click on the "Sign in" button located at the top right corner of the page to log in to your Microsoft account.

Microsoft Home page

Step 3: Make sure to use the same email address associated with your subscription when logging in.

Microsoft sign in

Step 4: Once logged in, you'll be redirected to the Microsoft accounts page, where you can access all your cloud-based apps.

Step 5: Click on "Install and more" and select "Install Microsoft 365 app" from the dropdown menu to begin the download process.

Download Microsoft 365 apps

Step 6: After the download is complete, open the downloaded file to start installing the Microsoft 365 app on your system.

Step 7: The installation process may take a few minutes as additional files are downloaded to complete the installation.

Microsoft installation wizard

Step 8: Once the installation is finished, simply click on "Close" to exit the installation wizard.

Microsoft installation complete

Reinstalling Office on your system can be considered the go-to solution if nothing else is working, and it also does not require any technical expertise.

Method 3: Use system restore

If you have enabled system restore, you can revert to a point where your system still had Microsoft Office installed. Although the process may take some time, here's how to restore your system to a previous point.

Step 1: Open the search box on your computer and type "Restore". Click on the "Create a Restore Point" option that appears in the search results.

Windows 11 Restore Point

Step 2: In the System Properties window that opens, navigate to the "System Protection" tab.

Step 3: Locate and click on the "System Restore" button within the System Properties window.

Windows 11 System Restore

Step 4: Proceed by clicking "Next" in the System Restore wizard.

Windows System Restore Dialog box

Step 5: Select the restore point created just before the recent update from the list displayed, and then click "Next".

Windows select a System Restore Point

Step 6: Review the description provided for the selected restore point, and click on the "Finish" button to initiate the restoration process.

Alt text: Windows initiate Restoration process

Step 7: Allow Windows to restore your system to the chosen point before the update. This process may take some time.

Step 8: After the system restarts, verify if you can access the Microsoft Office application without any issues.

Keep in mind that System Restore will revert any recent changes made to your applications, system settings, and programs. It's recommended to perform a data backup before proceeding with the restoration.

Comparing Methods to Retrieve Microsoft Office




Repair Microsoft Office

  • Comprehensive repair of Microsoft Office.

  • Quick repair option available.

  • No need to reinstall the entire Office suite.

  • Requires access to the Control Panel.

  • Quick repair may not resolve all issues.

Reinstall Microsoft Office

  • Easy and straightforward process.

  • Ensures a clean installation of Office.

  • Can resolve complex issues.

  • Requires stable internet connection.

  • May take some time to complete installation.

Use system restore

  • Reverts the system to a previous stable state.

  • No need for internet connection.

  • Can potentially resolve various issues.

  • Reverts all system changes, not just Office.

  • Requires creating a restore point beforehand.

  • Restoration process may take some time.

     Comparison of different methods to retrieve Microsoft Office

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WPS Office installation file

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1. Can I recover lost files after Microsoft Office disappears?

If you save files using cloud storage beforehand, you can access them after restoring.

2. Is it possible to reinstall Microsoft Office without losing data?

Yes, reinstalling Microsoft Office typically does not delete your data, but it's always wise to backup important files.

3. Why is my Microsoft Office expired?

If you fail to renew your subscription, Office 365 will indeed expire. When your subscription lapses, you'll no longer have access to the suite's applications and services such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and others.

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