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5 Best PDF Summarizers 2024

June 18, 2024

Right before exams, having a ton of reading material left to cover can be incredibly stressful. I've been in that position before, and I know how overwhelming it can feel. Thankfully, we no longer live in an era where AI technologies were a foreign concept. Today, AI has revolutionized productivity, allowing us to cover elaborate and lengthy pages of text in no time by generating concise yet important summaries. Let me introduce you to the 5 Best PDF Summarizers of 2024 that leverage AI to make your study sessions more efficient.

5 Best PDF Summarizers 2024

The Best PDF Summarizers

I will focus on the following AI PDF summary tools because, although they are competitors, each offers unique features that set them apart. You can review them individually and choose the one that best fits your needs, whether you prioritize data security, the depth and style of the summary, or seamless integration into your workflow. Here are the 5 recommended PDF summarizers based on these categories:

WPS AI PDF: Secure and versatile.

TLDR This: Provides detailed summaries with highlights of key information.

Hypotenuse AI: Excellent for integration with AI-assisted writing.

Large PDF Summarizer: Ideal for handling long documents.

Resoomer: Focuses on preserving the author’s exact words.

5 Best PDF Summarizers for 2024

I carefully explored and experienced all of these PDF summarizers before recommending them to you. Now, if you're a student, you'll find all these features useful, depending on how you want to use them. Whether you need to quickly grasp the main points of lengthy reports for studying or research purposes, or if you're looking to extract key insights from dense academic texts, WPS AI's summarization capabilities are something that I heavily rely on. The precise keyword extraction is especially handy when you need to focus your analysis on specific topics or themes within a document. And don't overlook the contextual understanding feature—it adds depth to your analysis by considering the broader context of the content you're summarizing.

WPS AI PDF – Secure and Versatile

WPS AI PDF integrates seamlessly with the writer and the PDF tool. When it comes to summarizing, there is no tool like WPS AI PDF that does it better. The PDF features themselves are such a great asset. You can open and edit PDFs easily, and then the AI integration enhances the reading experience by providing summaries that match your needs. You can add prompts to extract particular information, so if you want specific info from a report, you can get it. You can get a summary exactly how you want; you just need to know how to form your prompts.


One of the standout features is its reliability and data security. Unlike online summarizing tools that risk leaking private information, WPS AI PDF ensures your data remains secure. The integration with other office tools boosts productivity significantly. For example, if the summary from WPS AI sparks inspiration for your writing, you can effortlessly switch to WPS Writer, Spreadsheet, or Slides to jot down your thoughts.

Additionally, WPS AI PDF offers access to ChatGPT, allowing users to make inquiries based on the PDF document. This feature adds another layer of functionality, making it a comprehensive tool for managing and summarizing PDF content.

How to summarize PDFs using WPS AI


WPS AI PDF is a really useful tool if you have a ton of reading material left to cover, as it allows you to extract key points from a PDF with just a few clicks. Let's take a look at the steps:

Step 1: Let's open a PDF that you need a summary of in WPS Office.

Step 2: In WPS PDF, find and click on the "WPS AI" widget located at the top right corner of the interface.

WPS AI PDF widget

Step 3: This will open the WPS AI pane on the right side of the WPS PDF interface.

Step 4: Next, simply click on the "Upload" button to upload to WPS Cloud so that WPS AI can analyze and extract key points from the PDF.


Step 5: Once uploaded, WPS AI will take a few moments to process the PDF and then display the results.

Step 6: The key points of the PDF will be displayed in the "Insight" tab, alongside the source at the end of each point.

WPS AI PDF Insights

Step 7: Click on the "Inquiry" tab if you have any questions related to the PDF. WPS AI is available to chat and assist with all your queries.

WPS AI PDF Inquiries

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TLDR This — Detailed Summary with Highlights

There's quite a selection of summarizers out there, considering the abundance of information we're surrounded by. In this fast-paced era, staying updated is crucial, yet time is a valuable asset we must respect. Among these summarizers, TLDR stands out remarkably. Just paste an article or input a URL, and voila! You get an instant summary. What's more, you have two handy options: a brief, concise summary or a detailed breakdown of each section. And if that's not enough, there's even an AI human-like version available for you to choose from.


Hypotenuse AI – Combining Summary with AI Writing Tools

With so many excellent summarizing tools available, Hypotenuse AI stands out for its simplicity and readability. It offers two summary format options: paragraph or bullet points, making it versatile for different preferences. As for its capabilities, it primarily functions as an AI writing assistant, facilitating document digestion and writing simultaneously. However, it lacks additional features to extract information or customize the summary to your preferred language style.

Hypotenuse AI

Large PDF Summarizer – For Long Documents

Large PDF Summarizer lives up to its name by specializing in handling extensive PDF documents, accommodating up to 1,500 pages or 300K words. This feature makes it particularly useful, especially when dealing with lengthy reports. I appreciate being able to directly upload the file to the summarizing app and receive an instant summary. However, one limitation is the lack of control over the length of the summary.

Large PDF Summarizer

Resoomer – Customizable Summary

Resoomer is a website where you can input your text by simply copy-pasting it, and it's completely free to use. It offers various options for summarization, including assisted, automatic, manual, optimized, and text analysis. What sets it apart is its ability to maintain the vocabulary and writing style of the original text.


Essentially, it condenses the article while preserving its essence, providing more of a condensed version rather than a traditional summary. This tool is particularly useful if you prefer to write the summary yourself and want to retain the author's exact words. Additionally, it allows you to control the level of brevity you desire, giving you flexibility in how concise you want the summary to be.


1. How does WPS Office deal with my uploaded PDF files?

WPS Office ensures that uploaded PDF files are handled securely and with confidentiality. Data is encrypted and protected according to standard practices for data security. Importantly, WPS AI does not utilize uploaded data for training its models, nor does it permit any third parties or partners to access data for such purposes. Privacy and the security of information are paramount. For more detailed information about WPS AI, please consult the WPS AI Supplementary Terms.

2. Can I use WPS AI for free?

Yes, you can use WPS AI for free. It offers a free version that provides access to essential features like content creation, summaries, PDF chat, and OCR (text recognition) at no cost. Additionally, there's a free trial available for those interested in exploring premium features. During the trial, you'll have access to even more functionalities to fully experience WPS AI's capabilities, although with some limitations. If you're ready to unlock the full potential, you can upgrade to the premium version for $29.99 a year or opt for the professional version at $80 a year.

Streamline Your Reading with WPS AI PDF

PDF summarizers are eventually important for everybody. If you don't use them yet, you should consider it, because time is precious, and knowing how to respect it means not spending undue time on lengthy articles when you could allocate that time elsewhere. Rather than just skimming through, consider using the recommendations for best PDF summarizers to simplify your life. WPS AI is my preferred choice because it helps me navigate through the PDFs I need to read, ensuring I don't miss out on crucial information. I recommend downloading WPS Office and exploring its AI functions for yourself to see how it can streamline your reading and research process.

15 years of office industry experience, tech lover and copywriter. Follow me for product reviews, comparisons, and recommendations for new apps and software.