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The best 10 excel assignment templates for 2024

September 21, 2022

Excel is such a fantastic tool that it provides you with the best templates for your task management. It provides you with the best 10 assignment templates for every assignments. If you are a housewife, you can list the upcoming projects. If you are a businessman, you can make a list of achievements through this assignment template. If you are a student, you can schedule your weekly study plans. In short, you can easily use these 10 best excel assignment templates for 2022 in everyday tasks. All these are available for your management. These all are easy to download. You can use them online also.

1.The Assignments of Housework Template

This assignment template is created to manage household chores. If you want to control the laundry, kitchen, meal, what to do or not. This template is free to download. You can quickly get this template from the WPS office.

2. Arrangement Table for Summer Camp Template

You can arrange your Summer Camp tasks with this assignment template. What should be in the camping, running, games, and all the upcoming events are managed by this template. It is friendly to use and available online also.

3. Simple Blue &Yellow Work Plan Template

With the help of this blue and yellow assignment template, you can organize your work schedule. It can be downloaded for free and used online. The administration of assignments is crucial to achieving objectives.

4. Weekly Schedule Form Template

A Weekly schedule form keeps the whole week's plans in shape. This assignment template is designed for people who want to achieve their goals by managing their weekly plans.

5. Clearly Weekly Schedule Template

Plans for the entire week are kept organized using a weekly schedule form. This assignment template is intended for those who want to manage their weekly projects to reach their goals.

6. Simple Weekly Study Schedule Template

Study plans for the entire week are kept organized using a weekly study schedule form. This assignment template is intended for students who want to manage their weekly study plans to reach their goals.

7. Sales Staff Next Week Schedule Template

How should the sales staff following the schedule be compensated by using this assignment template? The sales staff can plan their achievements with this template. It is created beautifully to grab the attention of users.

8. Simple Study Plan Template

A weekly study schedule form is used to keep track of the entire week's study schedules. This assignment template is for students who want to organize their weekly study schedules to accomplish their objectives.

9. Weekly Work Schedule Template

It manages a weekly work schedule assignment template. You can download it for free from the WPS office. It is easy to use. This chart is available for 2022 assignment tasks.

10. Fresh Green Work Plan Schedule Template

The assignment template is created in fresh green color for work plan management. The WPS office has a free download available. Utilization is simple. This graph is available for the 2022 homework assignments.

How to edit these free templates?

Editing these templates is a breeze with WPS. Just download and install WPS, open the document, insert the downloaded template and customize it to your preference. You can modify content on the template easily, just with a few clicks.

How to make a calendar template in Excel assignment?

Follow these steps to create your calendar template:

Creating a calendar template in WPS Office Spreadsheet (an Excel-like application) is similar to creating one in Excel. Here are the steps:

Step 1: Open WPS Spreadsheet

Launch WPS Office and open a new Spreadsheet.

Step 2: Define Your Layout

Decide the layout for your calendar. If you want a monthly view, you may decide to have seven columns (one for each day of the week) and five or six rows (one for each week of the month).

Step 3: Label the Days of the Week

In the first row, starting from cell A1, label the days of the week. Type 'Sunday' in cell A1, 'Monday' in B1, and so on, until 'Saturday' in G1.

Step 4: Enter the Dates for the Month

  • Starting in the second row, enter the dates for the month. Remember, if the first of the month doesn't fall on a Sunday, you'll need to leave the preceding cells blank.

  • Continue entering the dates row by row, increasing the date by one each time. Make sure to start a new row when you reach a new week.

Step 5: Adjust the Formatting

  • Highlight your calendar, then adjust the cell sizes to create square cells, which typically look better for a calendar format.

  • You can also adjust the text alignment, font, or color to suit your preferences.

Step 6: Save Your Calendar Template

Once you're happy with your calendar, save it as a template. Click on 'File', then 'Save As'. Choose 'WPS Spreadsheet Template (*.et)' from the dropdown menu. Name your file and click 'Save'.

Step 7: Customize Your Calendar Template

Now you can customize your calendar template for any month by typing in the dates for that month.

Please note that WPS Office also offers built-in templates which can be easier to use if you want a more detailed or aesthetically pleasing calendar. You can find these by clicking 'File', 'New', and then typing 'calendar' into the template search bar.

It is Recommended to Use WPS Office

WPS Office is an excellent, free alternative for creating or editing templates. It's user-friendly, ideal for novices, and comes with the bonus of a free membership and a vast array of free templates upon download and installation.



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FAQs About Excel assignment

Q1: How do you create an assignment in Excel?

Creating an assignment in Excel involves a few straightforward steps:

  1. Open Excel: Launch the Excel application in wps office and create a new blank spreadsheet.

  2. Design the Layout: Decide on the layout of your assignment. This may include columns for task name, due date, status, etc.

  3. Input Data: Input your tasks into the cells under the appropriate headers.

  4. Format Cells: Use Excel's formatting tools to highlight, color-code, or otherwise visually differentiate data.

  5. Save the Document: Save your spreadsheet so you can continue to update and refer back to it as necessary.

Q2: How do I create my own assignment?

Creating your own assignment depends on the nature of the assignment. Here's a basic guide:

  1. Define the Purpose: What's the purpose of the assignment? What do you hope to achieve?

  2. Outline the Tasks: Clearly define the tasks involved in the assignment.

  3. Decide on Due Dates: Set due dates for each task to keep track of progress.

  4. Create a Format: Decide on a layout that will best display the tasks and relevant information, such as due dates and status.

  5. Input the Details: Fill in the details of each task, along with its due date and any other relevant information.

  6. Revise: Review the assignment and make any necessary changes.

  7. Distribute the Assignment: Share the assignment with those who need to complete it.

Q3: How do you write an assignment format?

An assignment format typically includes:

  1. Header: This might include the assignment title, your name, date, and any other relevant details.

  2. Introduction: This section outlines the purpose of the assignment.

  3. Body: The body contains the bulk of the assignment. Depending on the assignment, it might be divided into tasks, sections, or questions.

  4. Conclusion/Summary: This section wraps up the assignment, summarizing what has been covered.

  5. References: If you've referred to external sources, list them here.

Remember, the specific format of your assignment may vary depending on the nature of the assignment and specific instructions you've been given. Always make sure to follow any guidelines provided.


This guide has showcased the 10 best Excel assignment templates to streamline your work management and tracking. Each template caters to diverse needs and is easily editable with WPS Office, a free and user-friendly software. So why wait? Make your work simpler and more organized with these templates and WPS Office today!

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