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Top 10 best guides of excel calendar templates free download 2024

August 29, 2022

Excel Calendars are highly beneficial for users to manage events, appointments, meetings, interviews, lectures, assignments, research, and project management. It is an affordable and flexible way of creating personalized calendars with professionally designed creative Excel templates.

It offers a lot of features that are lacking in traditional paper calendars. Isn't it a great way to make your own schedule day? Excel calendar template is user-oriented and helps them to stay on top with the top-notch customized calendar. Moreover, it improves work efficiency and productivity to achieve your goals.

It is unique as what other websites and software do not offer – it provides. Some websites give you limited access with few features, but Excel calendar templates are reliable. It completely understands users' specific needs and preferences – helpful in creating customized calendars with a quick and easy approach.

Are you looking for websites for Excel calendar templates? Where to find these websites? How to choose a suitable one? How to create my own calendar based on the original template? This article will comprehensively answer all your queries with a detailed guide on particular websites – helping you choose and create your calendar.

Top 5 Websites for Excel Calendar Templates

You can improve your work with Excel Calendar Templates by saving time in this fast-paced world. Simply download the creative template, open it, and customize it according to your schedule needs. Here are the top five websites you should consider for your personalized calendar.

1. WPS Template

create and share premium quality templates

WPS Template is a professionally designed free template easily adaptable for all your needs, including letters, business reports, and resumes. It helps you to save time and money by simplifying and creating documents uniquely.

Ease in work is always due to the WPS templates. Why has the WPS template become a need of every person? Here you go:

Features and Benefits

  • Easy to Create

  • Professional and Versatile Calendar Layouts

  • Effective Look


WPS templates for creating your customized Calendars can be adaptable on various formats, including;

  • Google Docs

  • Google Slide

  • Microsoft Office

  • LibreOffice

  • And other formats such as pptm, pptx, and ppt


  • Easily tailored to fit your needs

  • Easily Modified

  • Premium and featured designs

  • Unique layout and modern fonts

2. Canva

free and easy to create templates and designs

Canva is the versatile approach used by individuals and businesses where you can create innovative and professional content that is graphically engaged, such as worksheets, videos, infographics, and presentations.

This tool helps you create easy, quick, and effective content over thousands of free, ready-to-use spreadsheet templates for your calendar customization.

Features and Benefits

  • Personalized

  • Creative

  • Printable

  • Instantly shareable

User interface

  • Interactive

  • Improve User Experience

  • Versatile

  • User-Friendly Calendar Layouts

Quality and Variety of Calendar Templates on Canva

  • Versatile Themes

  • Thousands of Quality Templates

  • Freedom in Customization of Fonts, Text, and Color Combination

  • Design with Desired Quality and Features

3. Template.net

ready-made free designs and templates

Template.net is a creative platform that makes you creative in your personal and professional work. It offers ready-made premium quality templates and documents that everyone can easily adapt.

Template.net can help you to build better and faster business processes by improving efficiency and productivity. It plays a crucial role in allowing you to build brand identity and visibility. With thousands of innovative calendar templates, you can use them to schedule your daily events and business meetings.

Features and Benefits

  • Premium Designs

  • Easy-to-use

  • Easy-to-Download

  • Improve your Business Standards

  • Brand Visibility

  • Improve Productivity

User Reviews and Ratings

People who benefit from professional designs of Excel calendar templates give positive feedback – template.net calendar templates are user-friendly. According to Trust Pilot, the rating of template.net is 2.7, as more than 70% of people trust and consider it to make their everyday work easy and quick.

And this percentage of people is highly satisfied with the premium quality service of template.net as it enables them to use it in schools, colleges, work and health records, and business handling – having the perspective of getting huge relief to have so many adaptable options for all needs.

Availability of Additional Tools and Resources

Excel Calendar Templates are versatile and compatible with all tools and resources. Once you reach template.net for calendar layout, you will thank it by knowing its availability for download in Microsoft Office, Google Docs, LibreOffice, and Google Slides. It makes your work quick and easy while creating, downloading, and sharing.

4. Vertex42

professionally designed business templates

Vertex42 is a great project management software program with professionally designed templates that can be usable at business and academic levels. It offers a wide variety of free business templates to improve work efficiency and productivity.

Its premium spreadsheet templates allow you to customize your calendar sheet per schedule. Isn't it amazing to keep yourself up-to-date with solutions for your growing business.

Features and Benefits

  • Easy-to-use

  • Surprisingly User-friendly

  • Choose Creative, make Appealing

  • On-time Scheduling of Projects

Mobile Accessibility and Synchronization Options

Mobile devices can easily access the spreadsheet templates designed on Vertex42. In addition to the premium quality of spreadsheet business and calendar templates, it has an excellent synchronization feature. This feature makes it versatile and unique among its users, who have quick and easy access to its quality features.

Integration with other productivity tools

The professionally designed templates of Vertex42 can easily be integrated with other helpful tools to make your work easy to create and share. These productive tools are:

  • Google Docs

  • Google Slides

  • Microsoft Office

  • WPS Suite

  • LibreOffice

5. Microsoft Office Templates

get innovative and ready-made templates free

Do you want creative designs for your business templates? Microsoft Office Template can give you what you want for the creation of your documents. This platform is specially designed to ease your workload by reducing stress.

It offers many business templates and thousands of inspirational calendar templates, so you can personalize your days and months as needed.

Features and Benefits

  • Improve Efficiency

  • Appealing

  • Save Time and Money

  • Professional Look

  • Versatility in Customization

Pricing plans and subscription options

pricing and subscription of Microsoft Office

In the free plan of Microsoft Office template, you can have limited access to the hundreds of creative and high-impact templates for Excel, Word, and PowerPoint. With premium planning, you will unlock unlimited features of Microsoft Office templates, exclusively creating projects.

Customer Support and Assistance

  • Customer's Satisfaction

  • Provide Additional Features and Help

  • Live Chat with Microsoft Specialist

  • Comprehensive Solutions to Problems

You can get adequate help from support.microsoft.com, which provides:

  • How-to Articles, Training, and Videos

  • Animated Feature during Spreadsheet Creation

10 Best Excel Calendar Templates Free Download

1. Fresh Kite Calendar Template

Create an amusing 12-month template to keep yourself up-to-date about coming events and meetings in a fun-loving and unique way.

unique kite design calendar template

2. Monthly Business Calendar Template

This monthly calendar template is highly beneficial at the professional level, especially for students. It helps them to organize their work based on weekly schedules. When they get any task or assignment, they can specify that particular by customizing the spreadsheet calendar.

monthly business and student calendar sheet

3. Weekly Schedule Calendar

Everyone has weekly plans, and you must stay up-to-date to fulfill them. This unique pinkish color template helps you to set a routine including morning, afternoon, and evening in a categorized form.

beautifully designed weekly schedule template

4. Circular Element Business Calendar Template

The circular element template is designed for those who are too into business events and meetings. Don't you want to improve business efficiency? It is crucial to schedule important meetings and upcoming projects on time. It also helps you evaluate the company's efficiency and salary.

effective business template with a circular element

5. Snow Mountain Calendar Form

It is a calendar template where you can find all months, days, and dates with creativity. You can always keep watching your everyday activities. It helps you to visualize the routine schedule to perform tasks on time.

recreational snow mountain calendar template

6. Business Calendar Template

This calendar template is for performing particular business events, paying employees' salaries, meeting deadlines, scheduling meetings, handling employee training sessions, and more. The business calendar template can remember all these things.

business calendar template for scheduling

7. Learning Schedule and Useful Calendar

It is a calendar template that helps the students avoid delays in study and timeframe. It can help to make your learning better in an efficient way.

learning calendar template for study

8. Monthly Budget Calendar Template

Every company runs on productivity and efficiency without missing anything important. A monthly budget calendar helps monitor activities like sports, transportation, transactions, and mortgage weekly.

functional monthly budget calendar template

9. Blank Weekly Calendar

It is a blank template that gives you the freedom to customize it as per your work and activity routines. A blank weekly calendar manages everything appropriately at a personal and professional level.

manageable blank weekly calendar template

10. Business Bridge Calendar

Bridge indicates success. This business bridge calendar can help you to systematically manage routines by valuing time. Get inspiration and motivation with a business bridge calendar template in your daily work.

manageable weekly blank calendar template

How to Use Excel Calendar Templates Effectively?

Step 1: Choose the suitable template in Excel

template selection in Excel

Step 2: Customize it as per your preferences.

customization of Excel Sheet

Step 3: Make changes in formatting by highlighting the date or name to specify what has been done or what hasn't.

change in formatting

Step 4: Filter out the scheduling with specific dates and events.

add dates of events on calendar

Step 5: Once done with formatting, Email it

email the Excel file

Step 6: Or Print it:

Add Reminders for your upcoming events, appointments, and meetings:

Step 1: First, go to Data on Menu Button

data option in Excel

Step 2: Click on Data Validation

data validation option in Excel

Step 3: Go to Setting

setting option to make data changes

Step 4: Add Formula by selecting a desired date or time Row and Column

create appropriate formula

How to import and export calendar data in Excel Templates

Importing Calendar Data:

Step 1: Open Excel and Click on File

file option at homepage of Excel

Step 2: At the bottom, click the “Options”

options in Excel for multiple changes

Step 3: Then, go to Customize Ribbon

customization ribbon in Excel

Step 4: After clicking on it, go to the bottom and click on Developer (Custom)

customize button as per needs

Step 5: Now, click "OK."

ok button for confirming action in Excel

Step 6: Go to Interface of Workbook and see on the top menu bar "Developer."

added button on the taskbar

Step 7: Now you can easily "Import" the calendar data. And for your convenience, review and confirm the import.

developer give option to import data

Exporting Calendar Data:

Step 1: Open Excel and Click on File

file button on Excel screen

Step 2: Click on Export

data export feature in Excel

Step 3: Now, select a location where you want to save the exported file

data saving location

Step 4: Then click "Publish," and your calendar data will be easily exported to a specified location.

publish file in located place


Can Excel calendar templates be used with other spreadsheet software?

Mostly, calendar templates are available for use in Excel. And Excel calendar templates are easily adaptable to your needs. It is highly accessible through other tools such as Microsoft Office, Google Slides, Google Docs, and mobile devices. Hence, Excel calendar templates are highly compatible and supported by other spreadsheet software.

Can I customize the colors, fonts, and layouts of the calendar templates?

Of course, you can customize your calendar templates' colors, fonts, and layouts in your desired form. You can use the WPS suite, Canva, and various other helpful tools to make your calendar template creative and personalized.

Is it possible to share and collaborate on calendars with others?

It is possible to share and collaborate on calendars with others. It is also a flexible and easy way to transfer information about scheduled events to other people. Simply go to settings. In the Share specific people section, click on Add People and enter the names or email addresses of particular people you want to share your Excel calendar with.

Create Amazing Calendars with WPS Office

Excel is easy for those with enough knowledge about its complicated format adjustment, creation, and formulas. Excel spreadsheets require much time to create, from nothing to something. If you really mean to get something out of nothing, you can have other easiest and most effective methods.

Are you not familiar with spreadsheet formulas? No worries, your WPS suite has an amazing surprise for you. It offers professionally designed templates for personal, academic, and professional purposes. Do you want to be on time? Schedule the date and time of upcoming events on inspirational Excel calendar templates.

WPS not just gives you access to thousands of free calendar templates but surprisingly gives access to recreation, modification, free download, and sharing with others. Hence, over 200,000 leading enterprises worldwide trust and download WPS for everyday work.

15 years of office industry experience, tech lover and copywriter. Follow me for product reviews, comparisons, and recommendations for new apps and software.