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April 1, 2022

A free Office suite fully compatible with Microsoft Office

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We specially collect 8 professional office software for you to choose from according to individual needs. Download methods are also attached below, so without further ado, lets go through them right now.

1. Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office offers two kinds of services for users: Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Office 2021. Microsoft 365 requires monthly or yearly subscription and users can always enjoy the up-to-date upgrade; Office 2021 is a one-time purchase, which indicates you need to give a full pay to upgrade to next version.

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>> Click here to download Microsoft software.

2. WPS Office

WPS Office, as the best alternative to Microsoft Office, is a free and all-in-one office suite that integrates WPS Writer, Spreadsheet, Presentation and PDF editor. Rich features and professional services make it a popular in the workplace and enjoy the reputation around the around. It support Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and Linux.

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>> Click here to download WPS Office.

3. Apache OpenOffice

Apache OpenOffice stands out for free downloading, using, and distributing. Its compatible with other major office software in the market. It includes the document professors like Writer, Calc, Ipress, Draw, Base and Math to cover different needs.

>> Click here to download OpenOffice.

4. NeoOffice

NeoOffice is an office suite for Mac that is based on OpenOffice and LibreOffice. In NeoOffice, you can feel free to view, edit and save OpenOffice and LibreOffice documents.

>> Click here to download NeoOffice.

5. Hancom Office

Hancom Office 2020 offers a feature-rich suite of desktop productivity office tools for conducting common tasks such as word processing, spreadsheet modeling, graphic presentation and working with PDFs. With an intuitive interface and powerful features, Hancom Office can bring out the true professional in you today.

>> Click here to download Hancom Office.

6. StarOffice

StarOffice is an affordable alternative to Microsoft Office. As a nicely designed  productivity suite, it features all the utilities you may need in daily work. StarOffice is always here to lend you a hand.

>> Click here to download StarOffice.

7. GNOME Office

The GNOME desktop features a separate office suite. These programs are generally lighter and faster than the programs in the OpenOffice.org suite, and have fewer features as a result. But this may be exactly what you want. The Suite has excellent compatibility with other major Office suites, such as Microsoft Office.

>> Click here to download GNOME Office.

I hope you are not dazzled by so many office suites mentioned above. You need to take subscription price, systems they support and their functions altogether into consideration. Then choose the one thats right for you and download it. By the way, WPS Office can be your good choice! 

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