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Add checkbox in Excel on mac (In 10 Seconds)

July 25, 2022

Know through 3 methods how to add a checkbox in excel. This is essential for selecting or deselecting an option or variable. This box type is excellent for creating dynamic lists, charts, and dashboards.

If you want to learn the best way to add a checkbox in excel, seek help with several simple steps that will teach you how to use this handy tool. Currently, Excel provides many options about add checkbox in excel for you to work on your spreadsheet efficiently.

How to insert a checkbox in Excel?

Learn how to add checkbox in excel with the support of several simple steps and perform it. This will make you able to use this function without inconvenience. If you want to know what it provides as add checkbox in excel 2016, look for an expert on this topic.

1. Go to the Developer tab and click where the insert button is located. This is inside the Controls group.

2. Where the Form Controls section is located in the dropdown menu, click where the checkbox icon is.

3. Next, click where the cell is that you require to insert the checkbox. This will cause a check box to be inserted in a place close to this cell.

4.Drag the checkbox to the exact desired location with the four-headed arrow. Checkboxes come with a text already preset “Checkbox 1”. To delete it, click on the right side of the text box and select all the text.

How to make a chart using a checkbox in Excel?

If you need to create a dynamic chart using checkboxes to show a particular cat, follow the steps below.

1. First, you need to add two checkboxes corresponding to the two years and then link them to separate cells using a different range.

2. Using the linked cells as a reference point, copy only the selected year data using IF.

3. You can use this data to create the graph you want

How can you make a dynamic report using Excel checkboxes?

You must learn how to use various forms of add checkbox in excel to know how to handle this function correctly. Currently, there are several guides where you can learn more about how to add checkbox in excel 2019.

1. Add multiple checkboxes to the four regions or whatever parameter and then link it to the desired range of the cell using your spreadsheet.

2. Returns the names of the selected regions using an IF condition, along with the cells you have linked.

3. Use the DSUM formula so that you find the sum and can display the relevant data from the source according to this type of criteria. You will like to learn how to add checkbox in excel online for your daily documents.

If you correctly understood all the methods of how to add checkbox in excel mac, surely you handle this tool quite well. For this, you will use in your Excel document add checkbox in excel as you want.

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