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Application of Track Changes

Uploaded time: December 3, 2021 Difficulty Beginner

Application of Track Changes

Application of Track Changes

When we need to highlight the changes of an article, we can apply this feature: Track Changes.

Track Changes

Click the Track Changes drop-down button in the Review tab, and select Track Changes to enter the Track Changes mode.Its shortcut key is Ctrl+Shift+E.

Then when we add text to the paragraphs, the text automatically appears in red.

When we delete text or change its style, there are corresponding records on the right.

In simple terms, WPS Office automatically records and displays all the revisions in Track Changes mode.

Track Changes Options

If we need to change the style of markup, click the Track Changes Optionsin the Track Changes drop-down button.

In the dialog box, we can set the style of Markup, the preferred width of Balloons and Margin, etc.  

First, we set Color only for Insertions, and select blue.

Second, we set Strikethrough for Deletions.

In Balloons, we can select the way of showing revisions.

  • Select Show revisor information in balloons, and when we insert text, or delete text, revisions will be displayed in the original text.

1 (5).gif

  • Select Show all revisions inline, and we can also see markup in the original text, but there's no comments box on the right.

    When you move your cursor to the revised text, a floating window appears to show revision records.

1 (6).gif

  • Select Show revisions in balloons, and when we delete text, it is deleted thoroughly, and a comments box appears to remind you.

Change User Name

If we want to change the user name in the comments box, how can we do that?

First, select Change User Name in the Track Changes drop-down button to get a dialog. We can edit the user name in the Name text box, check Using this user information and click OK.

Then the new user name will be applied in the following revision process.

At last, if we want to hide the revision records, we can shift the state to Final in the toolbar.

If we want to restore the text to the original, we can click Original.  

Did you get it?

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