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March 31, 2022

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The Co-Editing function provided by WPS Office for Windows 10 is deserved to be described as a great assistant in our daily work and life. Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic period, more and more office clerks start to work from home, and a number of students are having online courses. Online collaborative work becomes increasingly needed. Read on and learn the trick to co-edit.

· The excellent advantages of Co-Editing in WPS Office for Windows 10

1. Receivers can edit the document simultaneously.

Its troublesome to collect dozens of or even hundreds of files and input the collected information into one document. WPS Office offers the considerate function of Co-Editing for users, allowing you to work together anytime and anywhere. All the collaborative editing records will be synchronized with no delay.

2. Receivers can discuss in real time inside the shared document.

The Comment function is optimized for the Co-Editing function. The comments of the shared document can be replied inside, and you can even discuss by the Comment function like using a chatting app, which greatly boosting telecommuting efficiency.

· Steps to use Co-Editing in WPS Office for Windows 10

Co-Editing allows multiple users to edit the current document concurrently by switching the document to an online Cloud document.

Step1:Save the document to WPS Cloud.

Many methods of saving a document to WPS Cloud are available, and here we take one of them as an example.

1. Open the document that you want to be co-edited.

2. Click the Co-Editing button on the upper right corner of WPS Office.

3. If your document has not been saved to WPS Cloud, a Save As dialog box will pop up. Then you can save it to a suitable position in your WPS Cloud.

Step 2: Share the document to your workmate.

1. Click the Co-Editing button again to open the co-editing document.

2. Click the blue Share button in the upper right corner, choose the operating authorization of receivers and click Create and share.

3. You can click the QR code icon to download the QR code of this online document.

4. You can click the drop-down button to change the operating authorization and the sharing period as needed. Then click Copy to copy the URL of the online document.

5. You can click select workmates from Contacts of your WPS Office account.

6. Then check Prevent views from downloading, saving and printing files as needed.

Step 3: Enjoy the Co-Editing function with your workmates.

1. Ask your workmate to scan the QR code or open the URL to enter the shared document.

2. Then enjoy your collaborative work freely.

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Additionally, WPS Office supports not only Windows 10, but more systems like Windows 7, Android, Mac, Linux, etc. Feel free to explore this treasure toolkit. 

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