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Create own PowerPoint theme (Slide Master) in WPS Office

February 11, 2022

Welcome to WPS Official Academy to check the contents of how to create own PowerPoint theme (Slide Master) in WPS Office.

WPS Office provides diverse elegant templates for users, and you can visit WPS Office template library to apply them freely.

For individual needs, we may still need to create our own PowerPoint theme and the Slide Master function in WPS Office can help a lot. Four easy steps are provided for you as following:

Step 1: Insert a new slide master in WPS Presentation

Step 2: Edit slide master in WPS Presentation

Step 3: Preserve the slide master in WPS Presentation

Step 4: Apply the Slide master in WPS Presentation

Now Let’s try to create a PowerPoint theme step by step.

· Step 1: Insert a new slide master in WPS Presentation

1. Head to the Design tab > Edit Slide Master, and then you enter a new tab Slide Master.

2. Click New Slide Master to insert a new slide master.

· Step 2: Edit slide masterin WPS Presentation

Slide master and layout

A slide master includes multiple layout styles like Title Slide Layout, Title and Content Layout, Section Header Layout and so on.

When we edit the slide master, the settings are applied to all its layout styles; while when we edit one of the layout styles, the settings are only applied to the edited layout.

(In the following demonstrations, we will edit the slide master and all the settings are applied to all layout styles.)

You can insert new slide layout styles by clicking New Slide Layout.

For convenience, you can also right-click the layout and Rename it.


In the Design area, there are four buttons for selection.

Themes: to change the overall design of the entire document, including colors, fonts and effects.

Colors: to change the colors of the current theme

Fonts: to change the fonts of the current theme

Effects: to change the effects of the current theme

(Here we choose Foundry in the Themes drop-down menu for demonstration.)


The settings in Design area are default in this slide master, but you can still change the text font in the Font area as needed.

1. Select the text you need to edit.

2. select the desired font style, font size, font effects, font color and numbering according to actual needs.

(Here we select the title style and choose Arial Black, Bold, Sky Blue for demonstration. You can see only the effects of the title have changed.)


1. Click Background to open the Object Formatting pane.

2. In the Fill area, we can choose Solid fill, Gradient fill, Picture or texture fill, Pattern fill as needed.

3. We can set more details after selecting one of them, like Transparency, Alignment, Mirror type, etc.

(Here we choose Picture or texture fill and change its Transparency for demonstration.)

Insert objects

Head to the Insert tab, and you are free to insert anything you want to the slide master.

(Here we choose Picture for demonstration.)

· Step 3: Preserve the slide masterin WPS Presentation

1. Go back to the Slide Master tab and click Preserve Master. You can see a Pin icon appear on the left of the slide master. Then even if the selected slide master is unused, it can still remain in the presentation.

2. You can also rename the slide master by clicking the Rename button and entering a name in the text box.

· Step 4: Apply the Slide masterin WPS Presentation

1. Click Close to quit the slide master mode.

2. Select a slide, head to the Design tab and click Involved Template.

3. Select the slide master we have created, and click Apply All, Apply Current or Apply Master as needed.

4. Click the Layout drop-down button, you can choose a layout style.

With these four steps, you are able to create and apply your PowerPoint theme quickly and freely. Did you get it?

· Terms Explanation

1. What is Slide Master?

Slide Master can be the perfect fit for improving work productivity to uniform the fonts, background, and company logos when creating new slides. With the Slide Master function, we can create a PowerPoint theme and apply it quickly.

2. What is WPS Presentation?

WPS Presentation is a module of WPS Office(an acronym for Writer, Presentation and Spreadsheet). WPS Presentation is consistent with PowerPoint document, which helps users to work with high efficiency. Its personal basic version is free to use and it also provides abundant functions and unique features for you to explore.

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