Excel formula: if cell contains text then return value in another cell

August 12, 2022

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Using IF function in excel:
Using ISNUMBER function in excel:
Employing VLOOKUP function in excel:

Checking whether a cell has a value based on a specified criterion is one of the most common activities performed in Excel. Text, a date, or any other type of numeric value may be used for this value.

In this article, I'll demonstrate a few Excel formulas that will show excel formula if cell contains text then return value. We have a variety of products, including mobile, desktop, and laptop. We now need to identify several value kinds in relation to the condition. It goes without saying that the following formulas may be useful for locating the data in relation to certain criteria.s

Using IF function in excel:

When you know that Desktop has been delivered. Next, you need to determine which city and cell have the information that Desktop is supplied. The IF function is available.

A logical operation based on a given statement is the IF function. For an IF statement, there are two possible outcomes. When you compare the two results, the first is true and the second is false.

The function's syntax is

=IF (logical_test, [value_if_true], [value_if_false])

1.Choose a blank cell, such as D5.

2.Enter the formula =IF (C5=Dhaka, Delivered, Not Delivered), where C5 is the cell value and represents the city of Dhaka; 

Delivered denotes a True value; and Not Delivered denotes a False value.Press Enter.For other cell values, use the Fill Handle Tool.

Using ISNUMBER function in excel:

If an integer exists, the ISNUMBER function returns TRUE; otherwise, it returns FALSE. To make sure a cell contains the appropriate value, use the ISNUMBER function in conjunction with the SEARCH or FIND function.

1.Choose a blank cell, such as D5.

2.In the cell range B5:B10, enter the formula =ISNUMBER (SEARCH (Desktop, B5:B10)), where Desktop is the text to be found.Press Enter.

3.But you must utilize the FIND function with ISNUMBER if you add any case-sensitive conditions.The FIND function's syntax is=FIND (find_text, within_text, [start_num])

The result disregards lowercase letters, such as desktop, as seen in the screenshot up top. Therefore, this formula might be useful in these kinds of circumstances.

Employing VLOOKUP function in excel:

Consider distributing discount coupons for a fixed product item through an advertisement. Later, how will you recognize the actual item if a consumer desires any thing using a promotional code?Excel offers a straightforward yet useful function called VLOOKUP that may be used to locate any vertical data.

Excel's VLOOKUP feature allows you to search a table's vertically arranged data. Both approximate and exact matching are supported by VLOOKUP. The function's syntax is=VLOOKUP (value, table, col_index, [range_lookup]) 

1.Choose any blank cell, such as C15.

2.Enter the formula as =VLOOKUP(B15, B5:D11,2,FALSE), where B15 represents the lookup value, B5:D11 represents the data range from which you wish to extract data, 2 represents the column index, which is the column number from the starting column of the dataset, and False denotes an exact match.Press Enter.

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