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Excel project plan template free download for your business

September 7, 2023

Project planning is crucial since it is the basis for the project to be carried out properly and within the specified time. Using an excel project plan template can be a great option if you don't want to spend large amounts of money on software to perform these activities.

With the help of the excel project plan template simple, you can carry out various tasks without problems. You have to choose the right template, and you will notice how easy it is to carry out your projects correctly and efficiently.

Excel Project Plan Templates

10 Simple Project Plan Templates Free Download

1. Simple Business Project Tracking

Simple Business Project Tracking

The Simple Business Project Tracking template proves to be an Excellent tool for project planning, particularly well-suited for freelancers, service providers, and consultants. It offers a user-friendly format where you can enter your personal information. Once you've provided your details, you can seamlessly input essential project information such as the project title, its current status, anticipated deliverables, and associated costs or hours.

2. Group Project Task List

Group Project Task List

The Group Project Task List features a straightforward design that includes task entries in the first column, followed by resource allocation in the second. There are fields for tracking target dates, status updates, and any relevant notes. Beyond these elements, you also have the option to include the project's title, the designated project lead, and the due date for comprehensive project management. This layout facilitates efficient organization and monitoring of tasks, making it a valuable tool for collaborative project endeavors.

3. Simple Business Task List

Simple Business Task List

The Simple Business Task List boasts a sleek and organized design with a minimalist approach. Its color-oriented layout accentuates crucial elements within the task list. With this project plan template available for free download, you can efficiently oversee multiple projects concurrently.

4. Simple Project Task List

Simple Project Task List

The Simple Project Task List features a highly organized and visually pleasing template. The use of colors enhances its user-friendliness, effectively drawing attention to crucial elements within the task list. Within this interface, you're able to efficiently manage multiple projects concurrently, a valuable feature for multitasking. Besides that, the incorporation of bar graphs provides an easily understandable visual representation of data, aiding in comprehending progress and project dynamics.

5. Basic Professional Project Timeline Template

Basic Professional Project Timeline Template

The Basic Professional Project Timeline Template offers you the flexibility to tailor your comprehensive project timeline according to the desired completion month period. It provides a detailed framework accommodating a single project divided into distinct phases, ensuring efficient tracking of all project-related particulars.

6. Project Gantt Chart

Project Gantt Chart

The Project Gantt Chart serves as a valuable tool that enables users to create detailed plans for project execution. This chart provides an organized and comprehensive way to outline the step-by-step approach you intend to take for your project. Notably, it holds significance not only for you as a project executor but also for the managers to whom you will present the plan.

7. Simple Business Project Plan Template

Simple Business Project Plan Template

The Simple Business Project Plan Template offers a clear and direct approach to crafting your business project plan. This template presents all the necessary elements straightforwardly, making it easy to comprehend. The milestones are initially set within a monthly time frame, but the template allows for customization according to your specific project needs. You also have the flexibility to input any supplementary project details simultaneously, streamlining the planning process.

8. Simple Business Project Budget Template

Simple Business Project Budget Template

The Simple Business Project Budget Template offers a straightforward and foundational format. It allows you to outline tasks and their corresponding subtasks, and then efficiently compute the cumulative budget for the project. This uncomplicated template provides a user-friendly way to organize your project's components and financial estimations.

9. Useful Business Project Schedule Template

Alt Text: Useful Business Project Schedule Template

The Useful Business Project Schedule Template is designed for a monthly time frame. This project schedule Excel template enables you to effectively plan and organize project phases throughout the month. The template allows you to visually depict the completion of tasks across these distinct phases, along with the corresponding time durations. This aids in presenting your project's progress clearly and graphically, ensuring a comprehensive view of task accomplishment over time.

10. Product Update Log Template

Product Update Log Template

The Product Update Log Template is a straightforward yet impactful tool designed to help you document your tasks, track their progress, and provide relevant updates. This template offers a user-friendly format for recording tasks, their respective updates, and additional pertinent information related to them. It streamlines the process of keeping a record of tasks and their developments in a concise and organized manner.

How to Edit Your Project Plan Template?

To edit a Project Plan template in WPS Office, follow these steps:

Step 1: Open WPS Office to visit their Template store.

Step 2: Click on “New” located in the navigation panel on the left side of the WPS Office Dashboard.

WPS Office Dashboard


Step 3: Select “All” in the navigation panel, then use the search box to find the project plan template.

WPS Office Search box

Step 4: Browse through various project plan templates available in Word document, Excel spreadsheet, and PowerPoint presentation formats.

WPS Office Project Plan templates

Step 5: Preview the project plan template that suits your needs and click on “Download”.

WPS Office Project Plan template preview

Step 6: You can now edit your project plan template using the WPS Office editing tools in the Home tab.

WPS Office Writer editing tools

Step 7: You can also export the document as PDF by visiting the Tool tab and clicking on “Export to PDF”.

WPS Office Tool tab

Step 8: In the Export to PDF window, make sure the document that you want to export is checked, and then click on “Export to PDF”.

WPS Office Export to PDF

Step 9: WPS Office also offers a range of PDF editing tools that allow you to modify your project plan template PDF.

WPS Office PDF Editing tools

You can personalize the project plan template according to your project requirements. You can add different phases and their start and end dates to manage your project efficiently. You can print a copy or share your project plan with others. WPS Office also supports cloud collaboration, which is a great feature that allows users to collaborate with colleagues. Download WPS Office now and enjoy a complete office experience from one window.

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Why Use WPS Office

WPS Office is a highly accessible office suite that prioritizes user convenience. What sets it apart is the added benefit of being available for free, sparing you the cost that alternatives might demand. In contrast, WPS delivers comparable features without financial commitment.

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However, WPS goes beyond mere affordability. It incorporates AI seamlessly into its productivity tools, enhancing the user experience. This strategic integration aligns well with its robust compatibility with Microsoft Office, offering users a familiar interface with added functionalities.

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Moreover, WPS Office boasts an extensive template store, offering a plethora of diverse templates tailored to various needs. This additional resource elevates its value proposition, making it a comprehensive solution for various tasks.


Q1. What are the 7 parts of the Project Plan?

To make a detailed project plan, you should include;

  • Specific goals and objectives that indicate what the project aims to accomplish.

  • Certain specific metrics or criteria. It is to evaluate the success or progress of a project.

  • Key stakeholders participating in the project as well as an explanation of their distinct roles and duties.

  • A thorough discussion of the project's scope and budget.

  • An explanation of the major project milestones, deliverables, and any dependencies between project aspects.

  • A schedule. It specifies the timetable for each activity or milestone.

  • A plan for communicating. It is a communication plan among team members, stakeholders, and other stakeholders.

Q2. How do I create a Project Plan in Excel?

Follow these steps to create a Project Plan in Excel:

  • Add headers to the table: Leave the first row in your spreadsheet blank and add headers such as Task, Start Date, End Date, Duration, etc. in the second row.

  • Add your project information: Enter the tasks for your project plan in the Task column. You can also add other information such as assignees, dependencies, status, etc. in the corresponding columns.

  • Add colors to convey project status at a glance: You can customize your project plan with colors and visual hierarchy to make it easier to read and understand. For example, you can use different colors for different task statuses or highlight important tasks with bold fonts.

  • Create the project plan timeline: You can use Excel's built-in features to create a graphical representation of your project plan. For example, you can use conditional formatting to create a Gantt chart or insert a timeline slicer to filter your data by time periods.

  • Final touches: You can adjust the formatting, layout, and design of your project plan to make it more appealing and professional. You can also add charts, tables, or other elements to enhance your project plan.

Q3. What is a Gantt chart called in Excel?

A Gantt chart is a type of chart that shows the progress and dependencies of tasks in a project over time. In Excel, there is no specific chart type called Gantt, but you can create one using a stacked bar chart or a template. To generate a stacked Bar/Gantt chart-like display in Excel:

Step 1: Go to the Charts icon on the Excel Ribbon.

Step 2: Find the 2D Bar group options on the Charts group.

Step 3: Then click the Stacked Bar option.

The Stacked Bar chart can be handy in demonstrating the duration or progress of multiple projects over time, and it can be modified to resemble a Gantt chart for easier project scheduling.

Edit The Best Template on WPS Office

In this article, you've gained a comprehensive understanding of the Project Plan Template Excel. We've covered everything from how to make edits to identifying the top-notch options available. It's evident that when it comes to editing, WPS Office emerges as the optimal choice. Not only is it free, but it also offers unparalleled convenience for users. So download WPS Office today to enhance your project planning.

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