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Fastest way to convert PDF to EXCEL for free

March 11, 2022

In todays tutorial, you're going to learn a simple process to convert PDF to EXCEL in 2 minutes, top! So if you're still struggling to search for a platform to switch your pdf file to excel, you'll love this quick guide made by WPS Academy.

· Example of converting PDF to EXCEL in WPS Office

1. Head to the Tool tab, and then click PDF to Excel to activate the converter dialog.

2. Then, a window will pop up. The pdf file is checked by default. You can click Add file in the upper right corner if you have more files to convert.

Lets get familiar with the setting page before converting the pdf file. There are several options for you to customize:

At Page range, you can choose the range to convert.

At Language, you can choose the language that match the content of the document, thus improving the accuracy.

At Save at type, you can set the type of the excel file. At present, WPS Spreadsheet only supports xlsx format.

At Save as location, you can save the excel file to the same location as the PDF file by clicking PDF Dir, or customize your location by clicking Custom Dir. Uploading your file to WPS Cloud is also available.

Note: Only WPS Premium can convert pdf files with more than 2 pages. Dont hesitate to join us!

5. After setting, you can click Start to start the converting process. Finally, an excel file will be generated. The first page of the PDF file will be saved in sheetTable1, while the second page of the PDF file will be saved in sheet Table 2.

3. final.gif 

In todays free WPS Office tutorial, we have learned a simple yet useful way to convert PDF to Excel.

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