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Free EXCEL Pricing Templates Online

September 27, 2022

Excel pricing templates are very helpful for business owners to make sure they are charging the correct price for their product. A spreadsheet can be created to list the different pricing options of a product, such as a digital download or a physical copy. These templates can also be used to list the different discounts that are offered on the product. The Excel Pricing Template is an excel spreadsheet that is designed to help you figure out the cost of your products. It has been designed to be used for pricing your products so that you can get an idea of what your cost per unit will be.

1.Simple Price-comparison Purchase Chart

Although marketing budgets vary from company to company, the structure and need for clear alignment between goals and expenses are important in all cases. In order to be prepared for unforeseen costs, budgets must be carefully and correctly allocated. It is also important to check how close the company is to its planned expenditures. This template is very useful for this.

2.List of Company Shipments

Whether you're planning for a new year, quarter, or month, setting clear goals is critical to aligning your marketing efforts and priorities on hourly basis. This template is useful in maintaining the import, and exports of your business. You can also make sure, the total expenses and time consumed during a specific shipment project.

3.Quotation and List of Products

This template is used to write information about products and their prices.

4.Simple Delivery Order

This template is used to write data about the deliveries and the details of customers, etc.

5.Product Price List

This template allows you to enter metrics for each campaign, and it will automatically create a visual, easy-to-read chart. This way, you can visualize the effectiveness of your spending and activities across multiple initiatives.

6.Fresh Analysis Chart in Green Design

However, if you feel like you're digging too deep or going into too much detail and missing important details, this template will help you.

7.Shopping List with Calculator

This template is fully editable and easy to use. The color scheme is very elegant and looks very beautiful.

8.Family Shopping List

This template is used to write a large number of details for shopping. This template is fully editable and very useful.

9.Price List Quotation

What could be better than hitting all your monthly goals. Using Excel spreadsheets, you can create comprehensive reports on your marketing metrics. You don't have to start from scratch (you're already working diligently this month).

10.Car Promotion Price List

This template is used to make a price list. This template is specially designed for car promotion but you can use this on many occasions according to the situation.


Excel pricing templates can be used to create a variety of different types of price lists for any business. The templates are easy to use and provide a place for all of your pricing information. It is easy to make edits and updates to your pricing by simply modifying the cells in the spreadsheet.

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