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Fun and Unique Wedding Attire Wording Samples

August 23, 2022

Today's weddings reflect the individuality of the couples getting married by sending fun and unique wedding attire wording samples.  Brides and grooms can express themselves in various ways, from hosting a deception-themed ball where attendees are encouraged to dress up in masks and costumes to just partying with friends and family after saying I do.

You could wish to let your guests know that suits are necessary or have two reception areas. While these particulars help to make your wedding special and one-of-a-kind, they can also give you greater leeway when phrasing your invitations, as seen in the examples of fun and unique wedding attire wording samples below:

1.Pink-Wedding-Invitation Wording Sample

Buying by color! Pink is the color that girls' fantasies are built of, and that's okay. We adore this color and all of its creative combinations.  Look at this pink sample to locate the ideal wedding invitations for you.

2.White Mid Green Wedding Invitation Wording Sample

If you’re writing a wedding invitation card for a close friend or family member, it’s okay to keep things casual! Send a white mid-green wedding invitation wording sample to your close one.

3.Fresh pink wedding Wording Sample

Wedding invitations are one of the first elements of planning your wedding that guests will see. Our fresh pink wedding sample covers a range of wording options for all of your wedding invitations.

4.Indian Wedding Attire Wording samples

Inviting the guests to be a part of your special event would definitely want them to attend the ceremony. You can have a simple wedding attire wording invitations sample where you have the flexibility to go formal, intimate, or casual while inviting your guests.

5.Pink wedding Attire Wording samples

Most wedding card inscriptions are straightforward, classy, and heartfelt. Use our pink wedding card wording sample as inspiration to begin writing the ideal message once you've decided on format and tone.

6.Fresh Pink Happy Wedding  Invitation Attire Wording samples

You can send tailored wedding invitations to your guests using fresh pink happy wedding invitation samples. Use original text, fashions, and color schemes to create your wedding invitations. Then, start your wedding invitations immediately so you can send them out in plenty of time.

7.Golden Black Wedding Invitation Attire Wording sample

If you don’t plan to have an enclosure card sent along with your invitation, here is the golden black wedding invitation wording sample that let your guests know your event will be an adults-only affair.

8.Romantic-Wedding-Invitation Wording Sample

What you choose to write on your wedding card will be influenced by the relationship you share with the newlyweds. If you’re sending a romantic wedding invitation card, this one will better help you in this regard.

9.Blue Floral Wedding Poster Attire Wording samples

You'll need the ideal compliments for your chosen cards once you've decided on them. Please choose from our blue floral wedding poster sample to help you effectively seal your messages.

10.Love Wedding Invitation Attire Wording samples

This is the love wedding invitation wording sample you can use to invite your guests to the reception if you were married in a small, private ceremony and would like to celebrate with your friends and family.



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FAQs about wedding attire wording

1. Are there any color restrictions for wedding guests?

No, there are typically no strict color restrictions for wedding guests. You have the freedom to choose from a wide range of colors based on your personal style and the overall wedding theme.

2. What are some outfit ideas for cocktail attire?

Cocktail attire ideas: Women can wear knee-length dresses or stylish jumpsuits with elegant accessories. Men can choose well-fitted suits in classic colors, paired with dress shirts and polished shoes. Adding unique details like pocket squares or cufflinks can elevate the overall look.

3. What is the benefits of setting a wedding dress code ?

Benefits of a wedding dress code:

  • Provides clarity for guests, ensuring appropriate attire for the occasion.

  • Creates a cohesive visual theme and sets the desired atmosphere.

  • Consider practicality and cultural customs.

  • Enhances the overall wedding experience for everyone involved.


In this article, we have provided a curated list of the top 10 wedding attire wording samples for 2023. These samples serve as a guide for couples to create clear and engaging dress code instructions for their wedding guests. By using these samples, guests can understand the expected level of formality or informality and arrive dressed appropriately. Additionally, we highlighted the benefits of using WPS Office for designing wedding invitations and emphasized its user-friendly interface, compatibility, and features. With WPS Office, couples can effortlessly create personalized invitations that perfectly reflect their style and preferences.

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