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Get to know the WPS Spreadsheet

Uploaded time: October 8, 2021 Difficulty Beginner

Get to know the WPS Spreadsheet

Get to know the WPS Spreadsheet

WPS is an Office Software developed by Kingsoft. This video is going to introduce WPS to you. Before you start watching, remember to download the latest WPS Office Suite from our official website.

After we download, open WPS. Then we will come to the workbench interface. Click the + icon in the upper left corner. We can choose to create a new document, table, slides, or PDF in the menu bar. Here, we want to create a spreadsheet, so we select Spreadsheet. Then we can see a Blank button and some well-designed templates.

WPS also has a powerful cloud save feature. Click on the upper right corner to log in, then our edited files can be saved in the cloud.

This can make it easier for users to work in different places and edit files on different devices.

Let's create a new spreadsheet. We will introduce some basic features on the WPS Spreadsheet interface from top to bottom. Above is the Functional Area. We often need to use these features to edit tables. There is also a Quick Access toolbar in the Functional Area. Here, we can quickly open files, print files, preview, and also undo operations.

Below the Functional Area is the name box. Here, we can quickly locate the cell. On the right is the Insert Function button and edit bar. Here, we can edit the function.

Below the edit bar is what we call cells. There are numbers and letters on the left and top of the cells. They are called row and column labels. At the bottom left of the table, the interface is the worksheet. Here, we can add or delete extra worksheets. On the right are the view switching area and a ratio scroll bar.

Above are some of the basic features we commonly use in the WPS Spreadsheet. After watching this video, we can start to learn more about WPS Spreadsheet!

This skill could be also used in Microsoft Office Excel and Open office.

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