How to add bullet points in Excel cell ( In 10 Seconds)

July 25, 2022

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Using Excel has become one of the most common and necessary tools in a person's daily life. You can use this program for any function to write jobs with graphics, personal jobs, business jobs, etc. Excel has several functions, and today, you will learn how to add bullet points in Excel when doing some work.

You can use many shortcuts to place the bullets of your choice; stay in this post and get to know them. Using bullets will make your work look more organized and professional; for that reason, experts have created this post. Thousands of people do not know how to add bullet points in Excel, and it may be a difficult task, but the truth is that it is not.

How to add bullet points in Excel Mac?

Next, you will have a guide on how to add bullet points in Excel; you will see how fast and easy it will be to apply this function.

1. Go to Insert – Symbols – Symbol.

2. Enter symbol dialogue box, enter the Symbols tab, and select font.

3. Scroll through the bullet list and insert one of your choices; click Insert.

How to add bullet points in Excel 2019 to a spreadsheet?

Admittedly, adding bullet points to a spreadsheet isn't as easy as it sounds, but that doesn't mean it's impossible. But with this manual on how to add bullet points in Excel, you will be able to learn some tricks and try it.

1. Select any white cell to be able to place the bullet.

2. Go to the Insert tab, go to Symbol, and then to the Symbols icon.

3. The dialogue box window will open in character codes type 2022.

4. Click Insert, then Close.

Note: If you want to place more bullets, select ALT + Enter on the keyboard to repeat the previous steps.

How to replace bullets in excel? Step by Step.

If you received a job with bullets inserted, you could replace it quickly and without complications. In the guide on how to add bullet points in Excel online, you will be able to learn about this method and apply it as many times as necessary.

1. Select the cells you want to remove the bullets from, and press Ctrl + H so the Find and Replace window is enabled. Press Alt + 0149 on Replace with.

2. Click Replace All, and you will see a dialogue box indicating how many cells you have replaced.

3. Click Ok, and this should be the result.

By strategically using the how to add bullet points in the Excel manual, it will be much easier for you to use Excel. This method is simple; you have to follow the steps to the letter and see optimal results. You can consult for more articles on how to add bullet points in Excel 2016 through one of the best information platforms for Excel, and Word, among others.

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