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How to Add Page Border in Word Document

July 22, 2022

Borders are outer edge of a document they also separate sections within document from each other. Word make it very easy for us to add border, they enhances readability as well as document looks presentable. There are multiple style options of border. You will see with simple steps how to add page border in word with many customization like thickness, color, design, size of the border.

In this article steps are given with picture how to add page border in word on Windows or Mac.

How to add page border word in Windows or Mac

1. Open existing word document and go to Page layout tab. Click it. Menu bar of page layout will open.

2. Go to Page borders option. Click it.

3. Borders and Shading Dialogue box will open.

4. When you choose ;None present at top left side of dialogue box then no border will be added.

 5. As shown in picture.

6. Now click option Box

7. Border will be added on all four sides of page. This border is like a box that's why its called Box Border

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How to add customize page borders on word in Windows or Mac

1. Open word document and go to on Page layout  tab. click it. Ribbon Panel will open with so many options.

2. Go to Page borders option. Click it.

3.  Border and Shading Pop up box will appear.

4. You can see Customize option, click it. In this option we can change design of border. We have the option to add different borders on all four sides or remove border on any side of page. Now see how we can change setting.

5. Click  Style  Drop down menu will show, choose any style for border.

6. Choose second one from start.

7. Now go to option which is circled red. If you choose this option then border we choose earlier will be added only at top of page.

8. Now choose another style from style  option.

9. Click the option which is red circled. It represents border at bottom of page.

10. Now choose another style from style  option.

11. Go to red circled box and click it. Then style of border selected earlier will be added on left side of page.

12. Now choose another style of border.

13. Again click circled red box, then selected style of border will be added on right side of page.

14. These are borders we have added on pages.

15. In  Color option you have choice of choosing any color for border. Click color drop down menu will show choose any color of your choice.

16. Now click Width  option and choose 2.25pt width of border.

17. Put your cursor on apply to  option and drop down menu will appear having four options.

18. Choose  this section-all except first page 

19. Blue color border having 2.25 width will be added on all pages present in document except first page.

This is how to add page border in word. But if you want to get more information of Word features, you can subscribe to WPS Academy to learn in detail.

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How to Remove a Page Border

1. Go to the Design tab and click on Page Borders.

2. On the Page Border tab, click None under Settings on the left.

3. Click OK, and The border should be removed now.

How to Add Borders for Images and Shapes?

1. Add a border to a picture

Step 1: First of all,  insert a Picture by clicking on the Insert tab as shown below the Picture.

Step2: Click on “Picture Format

2. Customize your picture's border

Step 1: Select the picture that you want to customize.

Step 2: Click on the Picture border as shown below. From here, you can select border color, width and line style.


1. How do I remove a border from a specific paragraph?

To remove a border from a specific paragraph in Word, select the paragraph, navigate to the "Borders" option in the toolbar or ribbon, and then choose the "No Border" option. It will effectively remove the border from the selected paragraph, giving it a clear and borderless visual appeal.

2. How to add borders in Word on mobile?

To add borders in Word, open the Word app on your mobile device, select the desired text or paragraph, and look for the formatting options or toolbar. Within the formatting options, navigate the "Borders" menu, where you can choose from various border styles or customize the border according to your taste.


MS Word is used daily for documentation purposes; decorating your document with borderlines adds a lot of value to it. You can use different ways to add borders to your Word document, and both are very easy. Moreover, these methods work for all Word-supported platforms like Windows and Mac users. If your document contains a picture or shape, you can also add a decent border to them.

These methods are not limited to MS Word only, but you can also use them on identical word processing softwares like WPS Word Processor. WPS Office is a complete Office productivity suite that serves its purpose very well, being lightweight and free. If you haven’t tried it yet, installing it and enjoying the free MS Office alternative is recommended.

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