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How to insert Page Border in Word 2016

July 21, 2022

In word document adding border enhances readability and looks very attractive when you apply the page border. There are many customization and style available for page border word. Also, you can customize your own page border word like thickness, color, design, size of the border. These borders can represent the outer edge of a document or separate sections within a document from each other.

In this article steps are given how to add page border word on Windows or Mac.

How to add page border word in Windows or Mac

1.Open existing word document and put your cursor on “Page layout” tab. Click it. Ribbon Panel of page layout will open.

2.Go to “Page borders” option. Click it.

3.Dialogue box will appear.

4.Choose “None” present at top left side of dialogue box. No border will be added.

5.Here pages do not have borders

6.Again click “Page border tab”. Dialogue box will appear.

7.Now click second option “Box”.

8.Same border will be added all four sides of page, it is called Box border.

How to add customize page borders on word in Windows or Mac

1.Open word document and go to on “Page layout” tab. click it. Ribbon Panel will open with so many options.

2.Go to “Page borders” option. Click it.

3.Dialogue box will appear.

4.Now click “Customize” option. In this option we can change page border design. All four sides could have different border design and we could also remove border from which side you want. Now see how we can change setting.

5.In “Style” you can choose any style for border.

6.Now select “style” of border in style option. Choose second one from start

7.Now see option which is circled represent border only at top of page, which means that style we choose in previous step will be added at top of page.

8.Now choose another style from “style” option.

9.Now choose option which is red circled. This option represents border at bottom of page.

10.Now choose another style from “style” option.

11.Now click box which is circled red. It means that this style of border will be added on left side of page.

12.Now choose another style of border.

13.Then click box which is circled red, which means that this style of border will be added on right side of page.

14.These are borders we have added on pages.

15.In “Color” option you can choose any color for your border. Click “color” drop down menu will appear with so many color options. Choose any color.

16.Now click “Width” option and choose 2.25pt width of border.

17.Go to “apply to” option and open it . Drop down menu will appear

18.Choose “this section-all except first page.

19.Choose any color.

20.Blue color and 2.25pt border size will be added on word.

Now you have learned how add page border word, But if you want to get more information of Word features, you can subscribe to WPS Academy to learn in detail.

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