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How to add rows in excel with easy formula

July 21, 2022

You need to know the total value of a certain row or a number of rows while dealing with a huge dataset in Excel. There are several ways to accomplish it in Excel. This post will walk you through four quick and easy ways to add rows in Excel using formulae.

Using simple mathematical addition to add rows in excel with formula online, 2016 and 2019

1. Choose the cell where you wish to display the outcome.

2. Simply keep adding the desired cell references in the cell, followed by the addition (+) symbol.

3. The values in those cells will be added, and the outcome will be shown in the cell you choose.

Using the SUM function to add rows in excel

The SUM function may be used to calculate the total of your data.

1. Simply enter =SUM() in the field where you want to see the outcome.

2. Simply choose the cell you wish to examine inside the bracket and use the Fill Handle to move it through the other rows of the table.

3. To get the outcome, you may alternatively use the mathematical addition formula above inside these brackets.

Your results will appear in the cell that you picked once you have finished dragging the cells.

Sum of non-consecutive rows (rows that are not next to each other)

If the rows you wish to verify are not adjacent to one another, what will you do? For that,

1. Simply enter =SUM() in the field where you want to see the outcome.

2. Simply choose the cells manually inside the bracket, or type the reference number of the cell, followed by a comma (,).

You will receive the results once you have finished picking the cells.

Summation of rows with condition to add rows in excel with formula

What if an issue occurs when you need to present the result based on a certain set of criteria? Be not scared! Do you still recall all the logical constructions you studied in first grade? Just make use of that!

For clarification, see the image below.

1. In the cell, type the conditional formula =SUMIF().

2. After choosing the rows, place the condition and comma (,) sign inside the brackets (for example, we wanted to know the total of the marks over 80). All we had to do was choose all the rows under the Marks column name, separate them with a comma (,), and then type the condition within the quotation marks (e.g., =SUMIF(C4:C8,>80)).

It displays the precise outcome that we desired.

Note: This was an attempt to show you how to add rows in excel with formula in both windows and mac. 

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