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How to remove banded rows in WPS Office Excel

February 25, 2022

Welcome to WPS Official Academy! Are you looking for practical office software skills? After reading this tutorial about how to remove banded rows in WPS Office Excel, you will become advanced from a beginner in Excel.

When inserting a table in WPS Office Excel, you may find that the table has alternate row shading by default.

Therefore, how can we remove these banded rows in WPS Office Excel?

lHere are the steps to remove banded rows in WPS Office Excel

1. Select the table, and go to the Table Tools tab.

2. Click the drop-down button to change a table style as needed.

3. In the drop-down menu, you can choose from 8 categories of table styles provided by WPS.

4. For example, we can choose a style under First Row; thus, the banded rows are removed.

2.gif5. Alternatively, you can select the table, navigate to the Home tab, and click the Format as Table drop-down button.

6. Here, you can find the same categories of table style to apply.

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lTo explore more aboutremoving banded rows in WPS Spreadsheet

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