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How to clean data (delete empty rows) in WPS Office Excel

July 31, 2023

Are you ready to master how to delete empty rows in excel? After learning this WPS free course, you will be advanced from a beginner in WPS Spreadsheet.

What is WPS Office?

As the best alternative to Microsoft 365, WPS Office Suite features all perfect office software functions, allowing you to view, edit and create almost any document type.  Studying this tutorial can make your work easier with WPS Spreadsheet like Microsoft Excel. It supports xls, xlsx, and csv file formats.

To delete blank rows in excel, beginners may choose a complex way, that is, to remove them one by one. It won't take much time to delete a few rows, but if there are hundreds of rows of data, you will definitely get dizzy.

Why not choose a simpler way with the Go To function at Find and Replace?

1. Select the range that contains the data. Go to the Home tab > Find and Replace > Go To, or press the shortcut key Ctrl+G to activate the Go To window.

2. Select Blanks, then click Go To. By doing so, all empty rows in your table will be selected.

3. Right-click any blank row > Delete > Entire Row.

By doing so, WPS will automatically select and delete all blank rows in this table. We can easily get rid of the extra blank rows, struggling tolocate the blank lines is not necessary anymore.

To explore more about Deleting empty rows:

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Here, we have learned an easy yet useful way to delete unwanted blank rows. Did you get it?

Excel is the most powerful tool to manage and analyze various types of Data. This free WPS Spreadsheet tutorial for beginners covers in-depth lessons for Excel learning and how to use various Excel formulas, tables and charts for managing small to large scale business process.

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