How to add text to formula in excel

August 5, 2022

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A free Office suite fully compatible with Microsoft Office

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Formulas make life easy but adding text to these formulas even make life easier. You would be thinking how to add text to formula excel? Will it be easy or will I be able to do it on my own.

Yes, you can definitely do it and once you learn it, it becomes a piece of cake. Go through this step by step guide to add text to formula excel and you will be good to go.

Why it is significant to add text to formula excel?

Let me explain it through a simple example. If you are required to calculate the total number of unit sold you can use the summation formula, but it will be ambiguous. To make it more clear you can add text '2440 units sold'. First you need to quote this inside brackets and add the sign''

For example

=A4&' sold '&B4'units.'

This is a snippet, we will take a closer step by step.

How to Add Text in a Formula using Ampersand '&'

Ampersand can be used to add text in a formula on excel. It can be used either in the start, mid or after the formula. It is up to you, where it is easy for you to use it. Let's take an example of a hypothetical persons' expenses over a period of 3 months.

The information added on WPS office Excel/spreadsheet is in following manner; the first column comprises of the first name of the person., the second column includes the last name and the next three columns depict the trio-monthly expenses of these persons. The sixth column is assigned to Total expenses.

Now let's see how text and formula are adjusted in the cells of sixth column.

Step 1

First of all, you need to insert the formula in F4

The formula will be =Total Expenses of '&A4&B4&' is &'$'&SUM(C4,D4,E4)

Formula Description

The formula used here is given above. In this formula column 1 and 2 I.e., First name and last name are joined and are enclosed using ampersand symbol than the next 3 columns are added using the formula of SUM.

SUM(number1, [number 2]…)

So the formula now comprise of text as well as formula.

To get the result, click on the cell 'F4', then insert the formula in the fx bar and press enter. Immediately you will get the sum of all the expenses in a with a proper sentence structure.

Moving onto next step which is extension of the formula.

Step 2

Next up is extend the formula to the last cell. In the following example, copy the formula to the cell 'F10'

How to Add text before a Formula using CONCAT Function?

You can add text to formula excel using another function of WPS spreadsheet and I.e., CONCAT function.

Formula Description

The formula to be used in CONCAT function is as following:

CONCAT (text1, text2, [text3], …)

All you need is to add the syntax CONCAT before the formula. Besides this, you can also use the syntax CONCATENATE. These keywords can be used alternatively as these got the same work to do I.e., addition of text to formula.

(Note: The CONCAT is short form of CONCATENATE that is usable as well)

Let's take an example for better comprehension of this function.

=CONCAT('Sum is',SUM(A2:A10))

Now let's get into steps to see how the formula works.

Step 1

Insert this formula in the cell number F4. The formula will be as follows;


 So our formula that we are going to use for our given information will become;

=CONCAT('The Total Expenses of ',A4,B4,'is $',SUM(C4,D4,E4))


Step 2

Next up again is extend the formula to the last cell. In the following example, copy the formula to the cell 'F10'

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