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How to Add Trendline in Excel on Mac

August 1, 2022

If you are researching and find yourself making graphs in Excel, it is convenient that you know how to add trendline excel. This way, you can show how your project's data is displayed. Therefore, it is essential that you precisely know how to use this type of tool to add trendline excel mac

Currently, Excel offers many valuable functions to ensure you can properly carry out your project. Next, you will know 3 specific methods to help you learn how to add trendline excel.

How to add a line in Trend Excel?

It is vital that through several necessary steps, you can correctly discover how to add trendline excel so that your research works are as expected.

1. First, you have to select a graphic.

2. Then choose the + in the entire upper right where the graphic is

3. Select trendlines as shown in the example in the following image. Where the added trend line dialog box is located, choose the data series options you want and click OK. This will make you use ideally like add trendline excel online

How to format on a trend line?

You have the option to format trend lines in Excel charts using several steps easily and also what add trendline excel 2016 provides. You must go through this method several times to understand it correctly.

1. Click on the desired part of the chart where you need to place a trend line.

2. Where the Format tab is, choose the trendline option in the Current selection group from the dropdown list.

3. Click where it is. Format the selection as you will see in the following image.

4. Where is the Format trend line panel? You have to select the trend line option to choose the trend line you want for your chart.

How to format a trendline into a moving average line?

You can format your trendline using a moving average line in several steps and find out how add trendline excel works with ease. Follow this method slowly, so you get it right.

1. Click on the part of the graph you want. Where is the Format tab? In the current selection group, you must select the trend line option in the dropdown list.

2. Click where Format Selection Detail is; this will make you learn this method quickly.

4. Navigate to the Trend Line Format panel, and where this trend options, select Moving Average. In this way, you will know how to use add trendline excel.

If you feel that you have learned all about add trendline excel with the methods you have learned before, then you can do your research in Excel with ease. You will like to know the steps of add trendline excel 2019 to become an expert in this program and manage to make your charts as you wish.

You will like to use Excel with this very modern add trendline tool; you must practice this function daily to make it perfect. Currently, this program gives you several options to make your investigations look impeccable.

You can be motivated to know more functions of add trendline excel; you must access the WPS Academy website. For this reason, if you enter the platform, you can download WPS Office for free to discover several instructional guides.

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