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How to change chrome settings for opening excel files

July 22, 2022

Excel spreadsheet programme is a necessary tool. Excel files frequently contain crucial business or customer data that you want to access but the file sometimes might not open in Google chrome, internet explorer etc due to some reasons. Its better to change chrome settings for opening excel files. You are aware that a variety of files, including Excel files, can be opened in local external apps. But did you know that an Excel file may also be opened in a web browser? You must now be aware, and you can move to try.

While you should now disable this feature if your web browser won't open an Excel file. This problem results from unidentified causes. We will demonstrate how to repair it in this article. You can choose the best option to assist you regardless of the web browser you are using.Today we will take a look at what are ways to change chrome settings for opening excel files.

Utilize Firefox and Chrome plug-ins (CHROME IE TAB EXTENSION):


Chrome's IE Tab Extension should be added. To add the IR Tab extension to Google Chrome, just follow these instructions:

  1. Activate Google Chrome.

  1. Using Google Chrome, perform a search for IE Tab extension and select the result that appears from google.com.

  1. Add to Chrome button should be pressed.

  1. The plug-in will then start to download and install in the web browser, as you can see. You must restart Google Chrome after that. You must click the IT Tab to start the action after these operations.

The issue with the web browser refusing to open Excel files has been resolved. To test whether Chrome can successfully open Excel files, simply attempt to open one file. In this way, you changed chrome settings for opening Excel files.

Adding ff-ActiveX-host Plug-in for Firefox:


If Firefox won't open an Excel file, you must enable ActiveX controls in the web browser to get it to do so. That is, you must set up Firefox's ff-ActiveX-host plug-in. To install this plug-in, consult the developer's GitHub website.

You can check to see whether the Excel file won't open in web browser problem has been resolved after installing it.

Or you can try opening it by:

To enable Excel file opening in any online browser:

  1. An ActiveX control feature is required. Google Chrome does not support this feature; only Internet Explorer does.

  1. To make the web browser open the Excel file, you must additionally add the ff-ActiveX-host plug-in if you are using Firefox.

In this way, you have changed chrome settings for opening excel files.


You may use the following procedures to resolve the Internet Explorer won't open Excel file issue:

  1. To launch Run, press Win and R.

  1. In the search box, type Regedit and hit Enter.

  1. Open the Registry Editor and navigate to the following location:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft \AppV \Client\Virtualization

In this way, you have changed chrome settings for opening excel files.


So Did you learn to change chrome settings for opening Excel files? You can

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