How to change columns to rows in Excel

August 1, 2022

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If you're looking to transform your spreadsheets into something a little more visually appealing, you can easily change the columns to rows using a few simple steps in Excel. This not only makes your data easier to understand, but it can also speed up your workflows when working with large spreadsheets. If you have a lot of data in Excel that you want to organize into rows rather than columns, there is a simple way to do this. To change the layout of your data in Excel, follow these steps: 1. Open your workbook and select the range of cells that you want to change the layout of.  2. On the Home tab, in the Columns group, click the Sort button.  3. In the Sort dialog box, click the Rows tab.

When you work in Excel, it can be helpful to change columns to rows so that the data is easier to see and work with. This tip can be a time-saver when you are trying to figure out a complex problem.

How to Change Columns to Rows in Excel on Mac Online?

In Excel, to convert any Columns to Rows, first select the column which we want to switch and copy the selected cells or columns.

1. Paste Special Option Column to Rows in Excel 2019 Online.

2. Right click on cell that you want.

3. Then click on special paste option;

Example Convert Columns to Rows in Excel

In the below mentioned Pharma sales table, it contains the medicine product code in column C (C10 to C16), quantity sold in column D (D10 to D16) & Total sales value in column E (E10 to E16).

Here I need to convert its orientation from columns to rows with the help of paste special option in excel.

1. Select the whole table range, i.e., with the dataset in a spreadsheet all the cells.

2. Copy the selected cells by pressing Ctrl + C.

3. Select the cell where you want to paste this data set, i.e. G10.

4. When you enable right click on the mouse, the paste option appears, in that you must select 4th option.

In conclusion, if you want to change the columns in excel to rows, follow these simple steps:

First, select all the cells in the column you want to convert to rows.

Next, choose Home >Cells >Convert To Rows. Excel will create new rows above and below the selected cells, and fill in the values from the selected cells.

Finally, delete any extra empty cells created by Excel during the conversion process. Has this process helped you learn about how to change column to row in excel? If you want to find out more about excel functions and features, you can view and subscribe to WPS Academy to learn. You should also download and use WPS Office to edit Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, and Word documents for free. Download now and enjoy these free services! With WPS Office, you can create a simple and enjoyable working environment.