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How to change the order of pages in word

February 13, 2023

Sometimes in word wps files, you need to change the order of pages for any specific reason. The functions in WPS make it easier to change the order of pages and work on the document easily. So here we will discuss in a few easy steps that how can we reorder pages by following really simple and easy steps. No matter on which device you are using WPS on, this method is workable on every devices. No matter you are a student, teacher, or business user, you can improve your work efficiency with WPS Writer.

So here we will discuss how can you rearrange pages by following the given easy steps you will be able to rearrange the pages in word WPS.

How to reorder pages in word?

1. Click View in the toolbar, choose Show Page Thumbnails.

2. Select the page or section thumbnail, then drag it to where you want it in the page hierarchy. You can drag an individual page in a word-processing document if the page is its own section.

How to delete pages in word?

Sometimes you need to delete a page in the WPS files and documents. There are easy steps to follow to delete the pages in the WPS files. How to delete a blank page in WPS Writer? After reading this tutorial, you will be advanced from a beginner in Word.

Blank pages are mainly caused by breaks, such as line breaks, section breaks and page breaks.

In order to delete the blank pages, we can show the paragraph marks to know why these blank pages were generated.

1. Head to the Home tab. 

2. Click the Show/Hide Editing Mark icon and check Show/Hide Paragraph Marks.

How to delete the breaks in batches?

This method can be used to delete the blank pages caused by line breaks.

1. Click the Home tab > Word Typesetting > Delete > Delete Blank Paragraph. 

2. Then the blank page is deleted.

How to add pages in word?

After editing the document, we sometimes may want to insert a blank page in the middle to supplement related content. So how can we do that? Sometimes we need to insert a new page when editing a document in WPS Writer.

Two methods are available in WPS Office: inserting blank pages and page breaks.

Insert Blank Pages

1. Click Edit. In the Insert tab, we can select Portrait Blank Page or Landscape Blank Page as needed.

2. We take Portrait Blank Page as an example. Then a new blank page appears in this document.

3. We can continue to edit in the new page.


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