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How to check for duplicates in WPS Office Excel sheets

March 4, 2022

We often need to compare two sets of data and check for duplicates at work, but it would be a waste of time to look for duplicates one by one. To solve this problem, WPS Office provides the Manage Duplicates function.

· Steps to check for duplicates with the Manage Duplicates function

Here we take two sheets as examples, which record the attendees of Conference 1 and Conference 2. To find out those who attended two conferences, we need to check for duplicates in these two sheets.

1. Head to the Data tab > Manage Duplicates.

There are four options: Highlight duplicates, Fetch duplicates, Highlight unique values and Fetch unique values.

2. Here we choose Highlight duplicates.

3. In the Mark duplicate rows in two worksheets dialog, choose Two Worksheets on the left, and check the two worksheets Conference 1 and Conference 2.

4. At Specify Color, choose the desired color to highlight the duplicates.

5. Click Confirm to Mark. Then the duplicates in these sheets are highlighted.

As you can see in the dialog, the data from different ranges, sheets and even workbooks can be managed with this function. You can explore more by clicking the following links to watch the free tutorials:

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