How to consolidate data in WPS Spreadsheet

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How to consolidate data in WPS Spreadsheet

How to consolidate data in WPS Spreadsheet

In daily work, we often need to summarize and calculate some related data. 

By using the Consolidate feature, we can quickly calculate the data in multiple worksheets. This feature can be also used in Microsoft Office Excel and Openoffice. Now let's learn it together!

Take the following table as an example. You can see that there are sales data from different staff. Now we want to count the total sales volume of all employees.  

2. Select cell A1 in the summary sheet, and click the Data tab-and then the Consolidate button in turn.  After the dialog box pops up, select a calculation method in the function drop-down list. Since we want to calculate the total sales volume, so we choose Sum.

3. Click Reference, and select the needed data areas in different sheets.

5. Also, we need to remember to check the Top row and Left column of the Label location. If not doing so, WPS Spreadsheet would only count the values, while the salespersons' name could not be matched.