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How to convert a text file to Excel

August 9, 2022

The steps for importing a CSV or file into Excel and WPS office are the same for Excel 2007, 2010, 2013, and 2016. Click From Text in the Get External Data group. Click Import to select the CSV or Text file convert that you wish to convert.

Depending on your needs, text files, CSV files, and Excel spreadsheets can be great options for storing data.

- Text File TXT - The text file is plain text. They are often created using TextEdit (Mac) or NotePad (PC). Text files are plain text. All formatting and styles are removed when you copy content into them. This allows you to copy/paste data without any formatting issues. Tabbed spaces separate spreadsheet data from TXT files.

- Comma Separated Valu File (CSV). CSV files also contain plain text. They can be opened in any text editor and spreadsheet program like Excel. You can paste data from spreadsheets into a CSV file by using commas. 

 - Excel Spreadsheet XLS - Excel sheets can only be opened with other spreadsheet programs, such as Google Sheets and OpenOffice Calc. However, they offer many formatting options, functions to calculate data, and visual presentation of data using charts and tables. The information you paste into a spreadsheet can be divided into rows, columns, and cells.

Click on your text file and click the Open button in the bottom-right corner. Click Excel under Convert To. This section is located below the heading Set convert options.

What is a text file?

A file contains text without any special formatting (e.g. bold, italics, images, etc.). ).

These files can be identified by the .txt extension. They can be opened in any text editor like Notepad, or a word processor like WPS office.

In many cases, however, data can be stored in a text file and you will need to open it in Excel to analyze it.

How to convert a text file to Excel?

1. Select an empty cell in WPS office Spreadsheet.

2. Click on data and choose from the text option.

3. Now select the text file you want to convert to Excel.

4. The text file will be converted to Excel.

Excel allows you to open a text file directly in Excel

You can also open the text file in Excel.

Excel automatically recognizes text files and converts them into formats that can be displayed on a spreadsheet.

Simply click on the tab and choose Open. Next, browse to find the text file you wish to open.

You will likely face one problem when opening a text file directly from Excel: trying to locate it in the folder.

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