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How to convert jpg to Word by using an OCR converter

July 31, 2023

The WPS office software called OCR is used to convert JPG to word. What is the OCR tool in WPS Office, and what do its functions do? When using Word or Excel in WPS Office, optical character recognition, or OCR, is a technology that can extract text from photographs. Being able to understand the text of an image is helpful when it has a lot of words. 

The OCR capability has three main applications. The WPS Office uses the OCR function to recognize characters using AI algorithms. The OCR model can quickly determine the kind of image it is and can provide the proper filter and OCR output format. This blog post will cover How to convert JPG to word using an OCR converter. The WPS office provides several functions for converting the JPG to word using an OCR converter.

How to convert JPG to word by using an OCR converter?

The Writer, Spreadsheet, Presentation, and PDF programs all support this capability. In this part, WPS Writer will be used as an illustration. The presentation and WPS Spreadsheet adhere to the same guidelines. The following is a list of the steps in converting OCR JPG to word.

1.Download the WPS office

 First and the main step is downloading the WPS office software.

2.Conversion of the JPG to word feature.

Let's start by selecting the left-side menu, where you can see the photographs under the text choice. Just click it. This feature will help you to convert JPG to word.

3.Choosing the option for conversion.

Once the image has been copied to OneNote, use the context menu to choose Copy Text from Picture.

4.Then Paste the text.

Finally, paste the text into Word or PowerPoint as necessary. Performing the conversion within the document in WPS Writer is much more practical.

5.Select the JPG image and upload it.

To access the Tools tab, click the image to open it, then select Picture to Text. The text and design of images are intelligently recognized with OCR technology. WPS Office offers three conversion options in the pop-up dialogue box: Extract text only, Convert to Word, and Convert to Excel.

6.Selecting the option for the conversion of JPG to word.

Click Extract only if you want to extract the text from the JPG image.

The document has now been updated with an image.

7.After uploading and then converting, you can easily edit the text.

To edit the text, choose the image, choose Picture to Text, and then choose Convert to Word. After that, all text is extracted while keeping the same arrangement.

We can now alter the text as we choose.

The final line

In conclusion, the OCR function helps to extract information quickly and efficiently. You can now learn how to convert JPG to word using an OCR converter. The WPS office offers this OCR software. It is free to use. You can use its function on your PC or windows for free. Not only this, it is simple to utilize. So, download the WPS office and get this offer before it runs out. Your JPG images are easily convertible with this software.

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