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How to customize the highlight color in PDF?

November 22, 2021

1. Click Insert → Highlight drop-down button, and you can select from the given ones.

2. If you need more colors, click Other Colors. In the p data-imgw=720 data-imgh=459 data-src="https://res-academy.cache.wpscdn.com/images/f7bdff60d0609d7d6ed52165964687ce.gif" data-test="skks" style="max-width: 100%; width: 720px; max-height: 459px; height: calc(100vw *(459/720)); text-align:center;" >

3. In addition, you can also click Color Picker and then click a desired color from any part of the page. In this way, you can highlight the text in a picked color.

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