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How to delete second page in Word?

July 22, 2022

In WPS office you will learn how to delete second page in word.To delete any page in word click on the page you want to delete or remove, press  Ctr l +G. In the ENTER page number box,type/page.This technique helps you how to delete second page in word or any page in word.

Press ENTER on your keyboard, and then select close verify that a page of content is selected,and then press Delete on your keyboard. One thing should be in your consideration is that  it does not matter if you are using the WPS 2010, WPS 2013, WPS 2016 or you get a mac or a windows.

How to delete second page in Word 2010?

The easiest and simplest way to delete a word in page is the cursor placement and the delete button.The following examples or screenshots will show you how you can delete a blank or extra page in word.

1. Click on pages to display at the sidebar.

2. If you want to delete or remove pages with content you can also do this method the mentioned picture shows how to delete the pages with content after that press the delete button on your keyboard.

How to delete a page or whitespace from word?

Its not that tricky to delete a page or even some whitespace in word.but not doing it seems to cause many problems especially if you have a table or an image that doesnt fit at the end of a page.Several methods work to fix whitespace issues, but they all effectively end with the same purpose.there are some simplest ways to delete blank pages in word or there is few ways to delete a blank pages in word.

1. Place your cursor at the very end of the document.

2. Press the Delete key until the blank page disappear.

3. You can also go to the section navigation bar and tap on the page and then press on the delete button to remove.

How to remove blank page in word online?

Deleting a content page or removing blank page in word onlineis same as the other function for example you see above how to remove a blank or content pages with different methods.

1. Upload Word files to remove pages online for free specify the parameters and press the REMOVE PAGES button to remove pages in Word. 

2. Download the results without unwanted pages to view instantly or send a link to an email. 

3. Output files will be deleted from our servers after 24 hours and download links will stop working. 

4. You can also go to the view option and press on the page you want to delete and add Find and Replace option and type /page and press on the close option then press delete button.   


Blank pages and content pages orwhitespace can be easily removed in WPS, in content pages we can say delete second page in word the mentioned methods are used to perform these easy and useful operation. These methods saves your precious time. You can also visit our WPS Academy to learn the easiest ways to perform those function. Download WPS free online.

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