How to enter text vertically in cells

September 28, 2021

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Sometimes you may want to write vertically in excel. In this article, WPS Spreadsheet offers a free lesson on vertical typing with only 2 simple steps as follows. Read on to know how.

In most situations, when we enter text into a cell WPS Spreadsheet, the characters are arranged from left to right.

How can we type vertically in WPS Spreadsheet?

1. First,  open the excel sheet where you want to enter text vertically.

2. After typing text, you can right-click the cell, and then choose Format Cells in the drop-down list.

2. Get into the Alignment tab in the Format Cells dialog, and check the Vertical text box. Then, the characters would display vertically.

Now, the text was displayed vertically in WPS spreadsheet cell.

What is WPS Spreadsheet?

WPS Spreadsheet is identical to Microsoft Office Excel. With its powerful data calculation capabilities, it can be used to organize and analyze large amounts of data and help you explore the relationships between data.

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More advanced features of WPS Office Spreadsheet

Of course, if you want to rotate the text in the excel cell at an angle, you can click How to rotate text in WPS Spreadsheet to rotate the text in the Excel cell.

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WPS Office Spreadsheet not only covers all of the basic functions of Excel, but also enables advanced techniques for data cleaning and analyzing. WPS Office Academy teaches strategies for free.