How to explode a 3-D pie chart in Excel

January 5, 2022

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· Option 1:

1. Select the 3-D pie chart.

2. Click the slice we want to pull out, press the left mouse button to drag the slice out from the center of the 3-D pie chart. At this point, a blue dotted box will appear on the chart, showing where the slice is being dragged.

3. We drag this slice along the blue dotted box to the target position and then release the mouse. Then, we can separate this slice from the whole 3-D pie chart.

4. We can also select other slices and repeat the steps above. Then, we can explode a 3-D pie chart.


· Option 2:

1. Select the 3-D pie chart.

2. Right-click the 3-D pie chart, then click Format Data Series in the pop-up menu.

3. In the SERIES OPTIONS interface on the right, go to the SERIES tab. In the SERIES OPTIONS area, we can drag the Pie Explosion slider, click the plus sign in the Pie Explosion percentage box, or enter an exact number in the box as needed.

4. Then, we can explode a 3-D pie chart.


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